Trump Administration Vows To Investigate Teachers For Using Biologically Accurate Pronouns

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‘Refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronouns’

Conservative Student Turns University Of Michigan's Pronoun Policy On Its Head

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‘Both words exist in the English language, unlike these invented pronouns’

Overpriced Fancypants University Festoons Campus With Absurd 'Ze, Zir, Zirs' PRONOUN POSTERS [PHOTO]

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Students at $60,572-per-year Vanderbilt learn to say: ‘I’m Steve and I use he/him/his pronouns’

'Gayest College In America' Still Isn't Gay-Friendly Enough

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‘Many of my friends who use they/them/theirs pronouns are still misgendered’

Taxpayer-Funded University Instructs Students That Using The Wrong Pronouns Is 'OPPRESSIVE'

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Failure ‘to respect someone else’s gender identity’ by using pronouns is ‘OPPRESSIVE’