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MSNBC blows it again on U.S. geography - TheDC


Cable network has demonstrated over the years it has a hard time with U.S. states

Wyoming rocky mountain high? - TheDC


Obama press credentials highlight wrong state during Colorado fundraising swing

US freezes Gadhafi assets, closes Libya embassy - AP

The US gov. claimed that it only waited to freeze the assets until most American citizens were out of the country and the embassy shut down

Gadhafi's vow: Will fight to 'last drop of blood' - AP

Long time Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi announces that he refuses to step down and would rather become a ‘martyr’

U.S. had year of warnings over Egypt - WSJ

Reports show that Sec. of State Clinton had received a string of warnings about possible unrest since last year

True dissent? Labor and left-wing groups meet in Washington to capitalize on Egyptian uprising - TheDC

As Egyptians finally ousted Mubarak, lefty groups in Washington asked, ‘How can we capitalize on those protesters’ positive narrative?’

Anderson Cooper attacked again in Egypt - TheDC

For the second day in a row, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has been attacked in Egypt

AP reporter: Journalists arrested in Egypt, including two from NYT - TheDC

An AP reporter tweeted Thursday that journalists, including two from the New York Times, have been arrested in Egypt

'Georgetown' coming to a TV near you - TheDC

ABC has picked up ‘Georgetown,’ which is ‘a sexy soap centered around the young people behind the power brokers of Washington’

Chinese firm set to invest $2 billion in North Korea - WSJ

An investment agreement followed North Korea’s shelling of South Korea

Alaska hoping that 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' will increase tourism - TheDC

Alaska tourism TV ads are featuring scenes from “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”

Inside the Wiki lair: Creep's cyber cave was war bunker [SLIDESHOW] - NY Post

WikiLeaks underground lair revealed in photos to be inspired by James Bond villains’ headquarters

Heroic New Yorker saves man on subway, gets to work on time - NYDN

Lifesaver Carlos Flores, 36, said a combination of benevolence and not wanting to miss an overtime shift at his grocery store job prompted his derring-do

The long road to the Chandlers' release - BBC

A retired English couple, held at gunpoint with no big, multinational shipping company behind them to bail them out, were freed at last after 13 months of stop-start negotiations

E.P.A. suspect found - NYT

After being convicted of environmental damages in Nov. 2008, Albania Deleon, who fled two days before her sentencing in March 2009, was found in the Dominican Republic

Republican holds narrow lead in Nevada Senate race - Rasmussen Reports

Poll: GOP candidate Sharron Angle leads Democrat Harry Reid 49% to 45%

Between a rock and a hard place: Miner has a wife AND mistress waiting - Daily Mail

If Yonni Barrios is not overjoyed about the prospect of being rescued it would be understandable – because the Chilean miner’s extra-marital affair was exposed as he sat helpless below the surface

Dracula fish and lipstick gecko among new discoveries - Reuters

They are one of 145 new species found in Southeast Asia this year

Appearances are everything - BBC

Egyptian newspaper under fire over altered photo

Pirates captured on the high seas - WaPo

U.S. Marines nab Somali pirates in Gulf of Aden