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THE GOOD FIGHT: How Cruz, Lee and Paul shut down Obama's agenda

Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. AP Images.

From gun control to amnesty to Syria, the White House is paralyzed

Meh: Obama the mediocre messiah

Obama isn’t Carter or Nixon. He’s Ford.

Gallup: Obama first-term approval ratings among lowest in modern history

Inaugural Swearing In.JPEG

Only Carter, Ford fared worse

TheDC Video Vault: Gerald Ford shows how to really flub an answer - TheDC

Rick Perry’s most recent blooper has got nothing on this 1976 presidential debate gaffe

To win the White House, look to the statehouses

Governors are much more formidable presidential candidates than senators.

The State of the Union is 'strong,' 'stronger,' 'strongest,' 'not good' - WSJ

For most presidents the union has always been “strong” in one form or another, but one president gave it to us straight

Scowcroft finds GOP resistance to START 'baffling' - ABC News

General Brent Scowcroft (ret.), the former National Security Advisor to both Presidents Ford and George H.W. Bush, has been working to secure Republican Senate support for the ratification of START

That presidential look - Ricochet

A look at our current commander-in-chief and past leaders

A history of wave elections since 1894 - TheDC

Election handicappers say Republicans could possibly net 75 seats in the House. Here’s a look at prior wave elections.

TheDC Interview: Pete Wehner on the Christian challenge to the Tea Party - TheDC

The author discusses how the days of the Moral Majority are gone and a new Christian politics is taking shape

All the presidents' best-sellers - AP

Since 1942, only six of the 13 men who have served as the nation’s chief executive have placed a book at the top spot for nonfiction

Vice President Clinton? - TheDC

Strategists say replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton may be the key to another Democratic presidential victory in 2012

Not with a bang but a whimper

Did anyone in Washington (or anywhere outside the beltway for that matter) notice that the United States Senate confirmed Elena Kagan as an Associate Justice for the United States Supreme Court last week?

Time to get ground troops out of Afghanistan - now

I believe we may now, as in 1975, be approaching a critical mass of American public opinion that, after nine years in Afghanistan, there is no apparent mission that can justify a single additional U.S. life or casualty

The many strains of conservatism

It would be easy to then make the conclusion that the Republican Party is chiefly a conservative party – now that the moderates have fled – and that its views are monolithic and homogeneous. Of course, nothing can be further from the truth

Larry King talks viagra - and his record-setting career - TheDC

Prolific journalist Larry King will be added to the Guinness Book of World Records on June 1, when CNN’s Larry King Live becomes the longest-running television show hosted by the same person

Bush vs. Obama, shifting the blame

It has been over a year since Barack Obama became president, yet he continues in campaign mode blaming his predecessor for the state of the economy and the deficit in a decidedly unpresidential fashion.