huma abedin

Comey Forgot Abedin and Weiner Were Married

Politics | Mike Brest
'I don't know that I knew'

Huck EXPLODES Over Cohen Raid - 'Nobody Busted Down Cheryl Mills' Door!'

Politics | Christian Datoc
'I think most Americans have a good sense of justice'

We're Learning More About When The FBI Interviewed Huma Abedin

Politics | Chuck Ross

Strzok Texts Suggest Discussions About Giving Huma Abedin Immunity

Politics | Chuck Ross

Huma Handles Weiner In Private -- The Latest Divorce Details

US | Amber Athey
Huge news

'JAIL' -- Trump Wants Huma Locked Up For Emails And An Investigation Into James Comey

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'Routinely forwarded emails...'

Huma Abedin Forwarded State Passwords To Yahoo, Which Was Hacked By Russian Intel

Politics | Luke Rosiak
Including the passwords to her department equipment

Huma's Cousin, Who Partnered With 'Russian Donald Trump,' Convicted of Fraud, Considered Flight Risk

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
Deleted emails, demonstrating a 'disdain for the courts and legal process'

Obama State Department Let Clinton And Huma Make Off With Boxes Of 'Muslim Engagement' Docs

Politics | Jack Crowe
'State Department had a deal with Hillary Clinton to hide her calls'

Clinton Aides Went Unpunished After Making False Statements To Anti-Trump FBI Supervisor

Politics | Chuck Ross
Huge news

We Watch CNN's 'Reliable Sources' So You Don't Have To (10-15-17)

Media | Betsy Rothstein
The host appears to have no neck this week.

Huma Abedin Comforting Weinstein's Wife

Entertainment | Ford Springer
She had to handle a scandal of her own not too long ago

Weiner Gets Hard Time -- 21 Months For 'Sexting' Minor

US | Kevin Daley
He hoped to get off with probation

Prosecutors Want Weiner To Go To Prison For Between 21 And 27 Months

US | Chuck Ross
'His crime deserves time in prison'

Emails: Huma Abedin's Mother Instructed Clinton Team To Remove Pro-Democracy References In Saudi Speech

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Don't sound sympathetic to women's plight'

Weiner's Own Lawyers Refer To Him As 'National Pariah'

Politics | Jack Crowe
'No one wants to be Anthony Weiner'

This Is The Teen That Anthony Weiner Was Sexting?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
He told her she looked "kinda gorgeous."

Huma Abedin 'Burst Into Tears' Over Weiner-Triggered Probe Into Clinton's Emails

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Going to be the death of me'

Huma Abedin Is Still Earning Clinton Campaign Cash

Politics | David Krayden
'In some cases, we'll provide direct funding to these organizations...'

Federal Judge Directs State Dept To Search Hillary Aides' Emails For Benghazi Records

US | Chuck Ross
Obama appointee dings State Department over incomplete search

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