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Jay Leno sued by Sikh man over Mitt Romney joke - E!

jay leno

Insulting one of the religion’s ‘holiest shrines’ leads to lawsuit

Leno slammed by Indian government over Romney joke - TheDC

Golden Temple

Leno suggested the sacred Golden Temple could be Romney’s new summer home

Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann: 'She hates Muslims' [VIDEO] - TheDC

GOP presidential contender unleashes on ‘Tonight Show’ viewers

Bristol Palin 'not sure' whether ex Levi Johnston has ever read a book - TheDC

Bristol Palin

The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant takes jabs at baby daddy Levi Johnston during chat with Jay Leno

Is Jay Leno lifting jokes from 'Red Eye?' - TheDC

Leno and Levy

‘Tonight Show’ host uses the same material that late-night Fox News Channel show aired two nights earlier

Meghan McCain on Glenn Beck: My dad 'could definitely kick his ass' - NBC

Meghan McCain visits the Tonight Show, says she won’t become a victim of any man

Why so serious?: The best of government shutdown humor - TheDC

TheDC brightens your Friday with a round-up of humorous takes on the government shutdown

Maddow: Modern GOP so far right, Reagan would have drafted Kucinich for VP - TheDC

MSNBC host favors 1950s Eisenhower Republicanism, argues government set union rules ‘calls into question the whole idea of conservatism’

Howard Stern loves America, not Jay Leno - TheDC

Shock jock praises politicians, military, but calls NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ host ‘not fit to scrub David Letterman’s feet’

Widow wants to reunite with husband, sister's corpses - AP

“Death is very hard for me to take,” says the woman who dug up her husband and sister’s dead bodies

The Tea Party and its impending dilemma - TheDC Opinion

How the Republican establishment (and Fox News) missed the movement that will lead to a new party.

Christine O'Donnell: Coming to a T.V. near you? - The Hill

After a failed Senate bid, the Tea Party darling told Jay Leno she’s received offers for her own reality T.V. show

O'Donnell: Punditry 'got me in trouble' - TheDC

Christine O’Donnell addresses masturbation comments, ‘witch ad,’ and her future plans in ‘Tonight Show’ appearance

O'Donnell doing the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - TheDC

‘Heading to LA to do the Tonight Show on Wed,’ O’Donnell, the former Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Delaware, wrote on Twitter

Coco's a gogo! - AP

Conan O’Brien returns to late-night TV with ease

Smoke pot? Schwarzenegger says, who cares? - AP

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says no one cares if you smoke a joint

Leno visits troops in Palin's hometown - AP

Late night talk show host salutes American heroes in Wasilla, Alaska

It's official: Piers Morgan to replace Larry King - NY Daily News

After months of leaks, speculation and teases, CNN revealed Wednesday Morgan will be joining the network to host a new interview show starting in January

Bristol Palin is 'dancing' the night away - AP

Bristol Palin said she didn’t think twice before waltzing into ‘Dancing with the Stars’

TheDC Interview: Comedian Nick Di Paolo - TheDC

Di Paolo speaks to TheDC about what it’s like to be a conservative in an industry dominated by liberals