Top Democrat: Business decisions not taken into account when writing health care law [AUDIO] - TheDC

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Did John Larson expect workers’ hours to be cut in response to Obamacare? ‘No, of course not’

Congressman on Hostess bailout: 'I don't think that cake has been cooked yet' [AUDIO] - TheDC

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John Larson

The Ho Ho-maker plans to lay off all of its 18,500 workers

Top Dem: 'We'd love to see regular order' but Obama couldn't 'fill these positions' [VIDEO] - TheDC

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House Democratic Caucus chairman on Obama recess appointments

Obama jobs bill now has two co-sponsors: Pelosi and Hoyer - TheDC

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Nancy Pelosi

Approximately four weeks had passed without co-sponsorship for Obama’s bill

Jackson, Jr: Shrinking government is 'a tragedy' [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Offers to be first congressional co-sponsor of Obama’s job stimulus plan

Congressional Dems rally in support of 'Occupy Wall Street' - TheDC

| Caroline May
Wall Street Protest

Liberal politicians offer support, encouragement, plans for action

Leading House Dem: 'Occupy Wall Street' protests, Van Jones part of US 'Arab Spring' - TheDC

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Wall Street Protest

‘I see [the movement] as people that are concerned in this country — youth taking to the street on Wall Street’

Obama jobs bill filed in the US House, but with no cosponsors - TheDC

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Democrats Caucus

CT Rep. John Larson has introduced President Obama’s jobs plan in the House ‘at the request of the President’

The parallel universe where Obama is outflanking Boehner on spending - TheDC

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Yes, really: Obama is attacking ‘waste,’ while Boehner supports spending on one particular issue

Leading Dem: Senate has votes to pass standalone DADT repeal - The Hill

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Rep. John Larson said he’d been told by Sen. Joe Lieberman that there are enough votes in the Senate to advance “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal

On The Verge

| Jon Ward
Abortion remains last obstacle as historic vote expected in hours

Health-care bill won't be released until Thursday - THE DAILY CALLER

| Jon Ward

President Obama’s health care bill will not be scored by the Congressional Budget Office and released to House Democrats and the public until Thursday

Pelosi puts the heat on ‘no’ votes

| Mike Riggs
Democrats whose votes will decide the matter ran from reporters as they exited the House chamber late Monday

Pelosi: We will have the votes - The Daily Caller

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