The sequester will be good for the economy

Opinion | Jeffrey Miron

The main problem with the sequester is that it is too small, and doesn’t scale back government spending enough.

California, the tax-and-spend zombie

op-ed | John Gerardi

The Golden State is broke. So why is it spending $100 billion on an unnecessary high-speed rail system?

The Fed's latest cockamamie idea

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

The Fed hopes to buy more long-term bonds, print new money and then borrow the money back so it doesn’t cause inflation.

Obama's recovery plan: tax investment

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

The economy is still weak, but President Obama is intent on hiking taxes anyways.

Bernanke succumbs to Potomac Fever

Opinion | William F. Shughart II

The economic historian seems to have forgotten economic history.

Higher demand and a weaker economy. What gives?

Opinion | Steve Stanek

Government figures show that consumer demand is higher than it was in mid-2007, before the recession.

The definition of insanity: President Obama's 'jobs plan'

Opinion | Michael Prell

The president keeps putting forward the same failed policies and expecting them to work.

Obama's New New Deal at a dead end

Feature:Opinion | Jim Powell

By now, the failure of Obama, FDR and others ought to make clear that runaway government spending is quack medicine.

West Virginia discredits Keynesianism

Editorial | Joanne Butler

If increased government spending were a sure-fire path to prosperity, West Virginia would be rich. Tellingly, it isn’t.