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Claim: Criminal Aliens' Privacy Protected More Than Americans'


‘If you or I committed a crime, it’s public information’

Is The Left Reigniting The 'War On Women?'

‘Women don’t lose any real rights after Hobby Lobby’

Eric Cantor Is Not Pleased With Laura Ingraham

Accuses her of ‘cheapening the debate’

Ingraham SLAMS National Tea Party Groups

Tea Party Patriots disagree: We did help

Laura Ingraham Tries To Spear Eric Cantor


Ingraham: ‘He’s Obama’s choice’

Bath Time

bath time mirror 7 x 3

'NO SHOW': GOP boss skips out on radio show after he was caught on tape insulting anti-amnesty Republicans


Made inflammatory remark at meeting with SEIU official

Afternoon Mirror


Laura Ingraham: Obama's healthcare victory lap his 'Mission Accomplished' moment

‘He should’ve had a banner made and hung it behind him’

Kaus: Ted Cruz has 'pre-sold out' on immigration

‘You don’t have to wait for Cruz to sell out’

Laura Ingraham: Jeff Sessions should run for president in 2016

Jeff Sessions Leaders

‘Sessions is one of the few people to actually say it like it is’

Laura Ingraham BATTLES George Will as conservative civil war over immigration intensifies

'The Republican elites and the Democratic elites agree'

How 'overcriminalization' makes it easier to target political enemies

President Barack Obama speaks about the National Security Agency from the Justice Department in Washington

Political paybacks are easier to spot than a pervasive system whereby one must break the law in order to get ahead.

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

Stephanopoulos on charges he planted birth control question in debate: 'Factually incorrect'

‘The idea though that this question came out of thin air is just wrong’

Carolla, Ingraham decry lack of food-stamp stigma: 'There's no judging going on'

Comedian and talk show host lament how society has allowed dependency

Shelby Steele on Obama's view of race relations: 'My God, what's he complaining about?'


Hoover scholar: Prez was ‘showered with opportunity in American life,’ despite his remarks on Zimmerman verdict

Thomas Sowell: Paul Ryan's argument for immigration reform 'utter nonsense'


Economist smacks congressman’s argument for legislation based on labor shortages

Paul Ryan pushes for immigration reform, believes House will fix the bill

Rep. Paul Ryan strokes his chin. Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images.

‘The point I’m trying to make is that we need to fix this thing on the House’