lets move

Gov't Study Finds Michelle Obama's School Lunches Are Making Kids Fat

Education | Andrew Follett
'The longer children were in the programs, the higher their risk of being overweight'

Emails Show White House Pressured Health Agencies To Highlight 'Tenuous' Childhood Obesity Research

US | Chuck Ross
Admin wanted to credit Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move'

New Workout Video Shows FLOTUS Seriously Kicking A** In The Gym

Politics | Christian Datoc
No wonder Barack's afraid of her

The Obamas' Thanksgiving Menu Features SIX DIFFERENT TYPES OF PIES

Politics | Paul Conner
Eat up!

Michelle O Gives Out Candy, Butter Cookies

Politics | Patrick Howley
Let's move?

Al Sharpton Was For Dinner, Before He Was Against it

US | Al Weaver
He must be the only one listening to Michelle Obama these days

Michelle O's Junk Food Ban Could Jeopardize SC School's Tutoring Program

Education | Rachel Stoltzfoos
And cost district more than $1 MILLION

Served! School Nutrition Summit Reportedly Excludes Michelle Obama's Nutrition Adviser

US | Hayley Hoefer
Chef won't get chance to rally the troops

Michelle Obama: House Wants To 'Override Science' On Childhood Nutrition

US | Chuck Ross
'Yet some members of the House of Representatives are now threatening to roll back these new standards'

Emails Shed Light On How The CDC Looked To Give A 'Shout Out' To Michelle Obama

US | Chuck Ross
'I see little balance and a lot of cheerleading'

USDA Delays Whole Grain Requirement For School Lunches

Education | Chuck Ross

CDC Official: Agency Ignores Interview Requests From Conservatives

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Karen gets very worked up whenever conservative outlets want to do interviews'

Obama and Biden are so Michelle-whipped that they jog in circles around the White House on command

Sports | Christopher Bedford
In their work clothes

A BIG, FAT DEAL: US obesity rates spike to nearly a third of the adult population

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross

First lady celebrates 'healthier' new normal -- but 'severe obesity' is on the rise among youth

US | Caroline May
'Thanks in part to these efforts, our nation is moving towards a new, healthier norm'

Last night's White House dinner totaled 2,500 calories

US | Sam Scorzo
Hypocrisy dipped in blue cheese

Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' campaign fails miserably

Education | Eric Owens
Hope and change is not a good recipe to help fat kids, apparently

Michelle Obama keeps on pleading, but Americans keep on eating

US | Caroline May
Obesity still high in America, despite first lady's campaign

Obama appointee granted ILLEGAL $100K contract for 'Let's Move'

Politics | Caroline May
Internal documents reveal no-bid contract that violated federal contracting laws

Michelle Obama-inspired physical activity stamp series raise safety concerns

US | Caroline May
'Just Move' stamp series placed on hold

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