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Maureen Dowd Makes Fun Of BuzzFeed (But Still Quotes Editor)


Awkward, right?

Maureen Dowd's Marijuana Experience, In Pictures

This is what she thought it would be like, this is what it was actually like

Reporters Share Their Terrible -- And Hilarious -- Experiences With Weed


‘Last time I ate a pot brownie…it was a horrifying, miserable experience’

In Defense Of Maureen Dowd


The New York Times got one thing right

Evening Mirror

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Morning Mirror


Morning Mirror


Maureen Dowd fantasizes about Games of Thrones characters murdering Republicans

Game of Thrones Bush head

‘Life would be mercifully short’

The anti-Clinton media: here we go again

Clinton AP

The New York Times flocks to smoke, but can’t find any fire.

The poison in our politics

Romney isn’t Hitler and Obama isn’t Stalin. Pundits on both sides need to tone down their rhetoric.

Liberals in high dudgeon

Left-of-center pundits and politicians are furious that the Supreme Court is deciding the individual mandate case according to the law.

Write your own Maureen Dowd column!

It’s fun AND easy!

Gaddafi, Bob Herbert, and Detroit

Muammar Gaddafi and Bob Herbert should be sent to Detroit.

ABC's Tapper disputes 'boys versus girls' narrative as the motivation for Obama's Libya strike - TheDC

White House correspondent also tackles critics accusing the media of not playing enough of a skeptical role in the lead-up to the strikes against Gaddafi

Does Kim Kardashian have a video proving Obama, Palin and Dana Milbank are addicts? - TheDC

Journalists (not this one) try to abstain from what is commonly referred to as “link-bait”

Chris Matthews marked for death

Why I’m writing a novel in which Chris Matthews and a bunch of other liberal journalists get murdered.

A (semi) defense of the ball-busted man

Barack Obama, a ball-busted man, is married to a humorless zealot.

Maureen Dowd: America's newest superhero? - CBR

In the new cartoon by Benjamin Marra, Dowd dates George Clooney and exposes crime

Stiletto Nation: Women in the 2010 Election

The 2010 midterms were a watershed election for conservative women.