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What the heck is Michelle Obama doing in this video?

And is that LeBron?

This month in middle schoolers who did comically awful things to their hair

Collage: WBBH screenshot, Creative Commons/Christopher Braun

If there’s one thing school officials the world over hate, it’s bad haircuts

Obama welcomes NBA champions

Obama welcomes NBA champions

The Miami Heat return to the White House for another year

A little Bosh brilliance from Game 4 of the NBA Finals

Two epic fails that will make you cringe

Exposed: Miami Heat fans unworthy of championship team

These self-proclaiming Heat ‘fans’ know NOTHING about their team, or about anything for that matter

A bunch of smart NBA writers are picking the Spurs to upset the Heat

Heat Basketball

Spurs winning in six games seems to be the consensus

Which team has the hottest WAGs? Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs

Vote for which NBA playoff team has the hottest wives and girlfriends

Let's face it: Athletes are terrible actors

LeBron James continues disturbing trend of practicing acting skills on the court

Watch LeBron take over [VIDEO]

LeBron James Pacers

James scores 16 in third quarter

Watch Paul George drive past LeBron for dunk [VIDEO]

LeBron fouls out as Pacers tie series

Watch LeBron's game-winning layup over the Pacers

APTOPIX Pacers Heat Basketball

Featuring the patented King James three-step travel

Norris Cole and his flat top slams on the Bulls [VIDEO]

Norris Cole flat top

Bulls can’t stop that cut

Taj Gibson doesn't like that call, thank you very much [VIDEO]

Taj Gibson ejected

Bulls forward blows gasket after getting hammered by the other team AND the refs

LeBron will reportedly win fourth career MVP

LeBron MVP

Set to join some VERY elite company

Dwyane Wade with two monster slams in two minutes

Great dunk-per-minute ratio

Brand loyalty: Shane Battier gets truck full of Bud Light [VIDEO]


Miami no longer needs champagne if they win the Finals

LeBron goes off-the-backboard to himself for dunk [VIDEO]


Always pass to the best player on your team

Note to fans: Don't touch LeBron's headband [VIDEO]


Do not mess with a man’s receding hairline

Miami Heat finally lose, 27-game win streak over


LeBron doesn’t like losing

Cleveland fan runs on court asking LeBron to return to Cavs [VIDEO]


I immediately regret this decision…