A reply to Michael Mann and Eugene Wahl

Opinion | Christopher Horner

Michael Mann needs to look up the definition of “libel” before he starts accusing people of it.

University of Virginia officials attempt to hide research of Climategate conspirator Michael Mann - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli investigates government grants given to University of Virginia professor involved in Climategate

'Hockey Stick' scientist hides from TheDC's questions - TheDC

| Scott Ott

Shortly after climate scientist Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann got word that a panel of his Penn State colleagues had cleared him of misconduct in the so-called “climategate” scandal, Prof. Mann was quoted in the British media as saying he believed that his little graph had gained undue attention

Autopsy of an 'innocent' Mann at Penn State

Opinion | Andy Nash

Interestingly, the timing of the “decision” and the release of the story was conveniently positioned well after the Spring semester’s end, set between holidays and vacations, and well before students return for the new academic year, when the story will be almost two months old.

Penn State's integrity crisis

Opinion | Steve Milloy

Penn State University just exonerated Professor Michael Mann for wrongdoing related to Climategate. While that good news for Mann is no surprise, it came at a dear cost to Penn State – its integrity

The Climategate Whitewash Continues

| interns

Global warming alarmists claim vindication after last year’s data manipulation scandal. Don’t believe the ‘independent’ reviews

German TV: Forget climate change neutrality - TheDC

World | John Rosenthal

The numerous panels held by the publicly-funded broadcaster clearly endorse the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis

Climate expert admits hockey shtick - Telegraph

Tech | Pat McMahon

Michael Mann says his hockey stick graph was ‘misplaced’ and should not have been used as an ‘icon of the climate change debate’

'Climategate' scientist threatens lawsuit over YouTube video - FOX News

Tech | Pat McMahon

Michael Mann, a leading figure in the ‘Climategate’ scandal, is threatening to sue after a satirical video is posted on YouTube

'Climategate' scientist under fire for 'exaggerating' global warming - FOX News

Tech | Pat McMahon

One of the top scientists behind Climategate blasted for ‘exaggerating’ the size of global warming

Whitewashing is quick work!

Opinion | Iain Murray

Until such time as an independent inquiry actually addresses our concerns in a thorough and, yes, unbiased manner, Climategate will remain an open wound in the side of climate science

Sen. Inhofe calls for investigation of researcher Michael Mann - The Daily Caller

Politics | Mike Riggs

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) demands an investigation into research scientist and White House adviser Michael Mann over ‘Climategate’

Penn State pushing forward with climate scientist investigation

Tech | AJ

Penn State University says it will proceed with an investigation into a leading climate scientist after an internal inquiry into alleged research misconduct stemming from leaked e-mails at the center of a controversy over global warming.

UN global warming claims melt faster than Himalayan glaciers

World | Scott Ott

‘Those who have overstated on climate change have done themselves a grave disservice,’ says former U.N. ambassador John Bolton