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Defiant deputy CIA director: 'No politics' in blaming Benghazi on YouTube video

Bachmann: White House 'didn't have to change talking points because you made the changes for them'

Bachmann: White House will delay Obamacare enrollment 'to infinity and beyond'

'They want to get to their numbers'

Michele Bachmann to speak at world's most famous debating society

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) appears with U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) (L) and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (C) during a campaign event at Crofton Industries May 3, 2012 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Bachmann, a former candidate for the Republican nomination, officially endorsed Romney's campaign during the event. (Photo: Getty Images/Win McNamee)

Minnesota congresswoman to address Oxford Union

Morning Mirror


BACHMANN: 'Lawless' Obama 'rules by tweet,' Congress must have support from voters to impeach him

‘The President of the United States has violated the law, but we must have the support of the American people in order to have impeachment’

Bachmann: Boehner squandered the momentum the tea party gave him

Bachmann pays tribute to five important years of the tea party [VIDEO]

McCain: Hillary Clinton would win if presidential election held tomorrow

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) talks to reporters after a Senate cloture vote on budget bill on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘If the election were tomorrow, Hillary Clinton would most likely be the president of United States’

Bachmann: A lot of people 'not ready' for a female president

Michele Bachmann

‘There was a cachet about having an African-American president because of guilt… People don’t hold guilt for a woman’

Bachmann says House preparing to sue Obama for overreach: 'He's not a king'

President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington

Lawmaker says Obama has ‘acted unilaterally multiple times’

What a TEA PARTY presidential administration would LOOK like [SLIDESHOW]

Start with President Ted Cruz

Enviros demand a 'Hurricane Marco Rubio'

Hurricane Forecast.JPEG

‘Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is incredibly dangerous’

How Bachmann balances her strong national defense views with tea party mantras

Michelle Bachman speaks to The DC's Kate Grise - Grae Stafford/Daily Caller

Believes Bradley Manning should suffer ‘most severe penalty’ for revealing classified information

Let's grow up, paleoconservatives


The Republican Party isn’t just for hawks anymore

Voices from the biggest tea party rally in years

TheDC asked tea partiers what brought them to D.C.

NSA chief says no NSA database of all Americans' phone calls

NSA Surveillance.JPEG

He also denies that the U.S. government maintains a database of all of the emails and text messages ever sent by Americans

Bachmann: Boehner will use 'loophole' to pass immigration in the House

Says House Speaker will circumvent 'Hastert Rule' in conference committee process

MSNBC spent nearly triple the time on Bachmann resignation of FNC and CNN combined


Bachmann retirement coverage — MSNBC: 197 min, CNN: 56 min, FNC: 11 min

Mark Steyn: Michele Bachmann 'could have been America's Mrs. Thatcher'

‘She was a fearless, articulate spokesperson for a genuine conservative vision’

Michele Bachmann through the years

We highlight Bachmann’s years of congressional service