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Scott Brown Hits Shaheen On Immigration In New Ad

‘She voted against border security twice, and for amnesty’

John Bolton's Super PAC To Run Ads In New Hampshire

Former U.N. ambassador hits Democrat over Benghazi

Leading New Hampshire GOP Governor Candidate Smeared Tea Partiers As 'Teabaggers'

‘I’m a little out of touch’

Man Denies Rape And Murder Of A University Of New Hampshire Student

Slain College Student.JPEG

Story has riveted New England

Man Who Legally Changed Name To 'Human' Will Run As Democrat For State House In N.H.

A volunteer for U.S. President Obama holds a stack of campaign literature in Portsmouth

Famous for ‘COPSLIE’ license tag

White Teacher Says He Helped Write Common Core Because Of His 'Privilege'

'I think I had a decided advantage because of who I was'

What Did A N.H. Police Official Call Obama To Make His Town So Upset?

Barack Obama listens to remarks by Uruguay's Jose Mujica before their meeting in the Oval Office in Washington

‘I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such’

Scott Brown to officially enter New Hampshire Senate race

Former U.S. Republican Senator Scott Brown, appears at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua

‘I’m ready to make a big decision and I wanted you to be the first to know’

Paul to attend event for New Hampshire GOP

Rand Paul speaks at the LPAC conference in Chantilly, Virginia

The potential 2016-er takes another trip to the early primary state

Meet Marilinda Garcia, one of the fresh faces from CPAC 2014

Marilinda Garcia 2

A compelling messenger of conservative principles?

Scott Brown throws punches in New Hampshire Senate race

Republican U.S. Senator-elect Brown celebrates after defeating Democrat Coakley in Boston

Will he or won’t he?

Protesters swarm Capitol to rally against NSA's mass surveillance

Protestors march towards Capitol Hill at the Stop Watching Us NSA march Saturday in Washington, D.C. Photo: Jake Harris/Daily Caller

‘Stop watching us!’

Pro-Obamacare graffiti found at GOP headquarters

New Hampshire GOP Vandalism

‘Our building was clearly vandalized by liberal political activists who disagree with our fiscally responsible values’

Is Howard Dean actually thinking about running for president again?

Howard Dean 2016

The liberal is headed back to Iowa and New Hampshire

Guess who's already winning in New Hampshire


NJ Gov passes Rand Paul in Granite State

James O'Keefe knows why he is hated by the left

‘When you disrupt the status quo, people are going to hate you’

National media exaggerate anti-Ayotte gun control protests

APTOPIX New Hampshire Senate.JPEG

Gun control supporters attended but didn’t overwhelm Granite State Senator’s town hall meetings

State rep 'embarrassed' for calling women 'vaginas' in email

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 2.35.00 PM

New Hampshire legislator apologized a day after defending his word choice in email

Revenge of the nerds: New Hampshire school district bans dodgeball


‘We need to take the violence out of our schools’