What Device To Use To Vape Nicotine Salt

Daily Vaper | Joe Sylvester
Suorin Air (Photo via VaporDNA)

The slight buzz one gets when smoking a cigarette is what you get with the device

FDA Seeks Data On E-cigarettes After Surge In Poisoning Cases

Tech | Reuters
File picture shows a customer puffing on an e-cigarette at the Henley Vaporium in New York City

‘The health regulator is now considering if it should warn the public’

CUNY bans smoking cigarettes on all 23 campuses - NYDN

| Laura Donovan

CUNY board of trustees implemented a new smoking ban on all 23 of its campuses

The biggest unfounded health scares of 2010

Opinion | Dr. Elizabeth Whelan

Ten things that you shouldn’t be afraid of.

Surgeon general jumps the shark

Opinion | Steve Milloy

Let’s all thank Surgeon General Regina Benjamin for demonstrating beyond all doubt last week that “nannyism” is more dangerous than smoking.

'One cigarette can cause a heart attack' - USA Today

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

A new report from the Surgeon General also says that every exposure to tobacco can damage DNA in ways that lead to cancer

What's so ridiculous about Katherine Heigl's e-cigarette habit?

Opinion | Dr. Elizabeth Whelan

E-cigarettes are a viable, safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Wisconsin smoking ban has e-cigs lighting up - FOX NEWS

| interns

‘Right now with the smoking bans coming, everybody’s trying to look for an alternative, something they can use where they can’t smoke cigarettes and this is an alternative for that,’

Consumerism vs. ObamaCare

Opinion | Ron Bachman

Consumerism is about empowering individuals with information and a financial stake in their own health and health care. Unfortunately, ObamaCare moves away from this personal responsibility

Navy to allow women on submarines - The Globe

US | Julia McClatchy (admin)

As of Dec. 31, smoking aboard the entire submarine fleet will be banned — no small hardship for the estimated 35 to 40 percent of sailors who are nicotine addicts

Time to listen to health care consumers

Opinion | Ron Bachman

Mr. President, you didn’t listen to the polls, the elections, or large segments of citizens during the health reform debate. The legislation passed. It is law. You won. Now, unelected bureaucrats have enormous power to define what the legislation means

ObamaCare, megatrends and consumerism

Opinion | Ron Bachman

The Dutch boy learned decades ago that one cannot hold back the waters in a dam. Prepare – a flood of freedom is ahead

Treatment could prevent harmful side-effects of smoking - THE REGISTER

Tech | interns

Australian boffins have developed a treatment which allows mice to smoke cigarettes without the usual negative health consequences

Is there such a thing as an objective science journal?

Opinion | Jeff Stier

Studies published in peer-reviewed journals become the basis for everything from the advice your doctor gives you to the very laws that govern us. A journal’s ability to tell good science from bad is critical. But some journals have used poor judgment, and even replaced judgment with a bias of their own.

New cigarette health threat: Third-hand smoke - AFP

| Julia McClatchy (admin)

You know smoking is bad for you. You know inhaling someone else’s smoke is bad for you. Now a US study says third-hand smoke — tobacco residue clinging to surfaces — is also bad for you

Hospital not blowing smoke


Starting Feb. 1, Memorial Hospital no longer will hire people who use tobacco products, making the hospital one of a small number of employers nationwide that consider smoking status in job applicants.

The confusing psychology of smoking

| AJ

The BPS Research Digest blog reports that those dire health warnings on cigarette packs may actually drive some people to smoke.