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Mandatory Common Core tests in New York just happen to be full of corporate brand names

Photo (clockwise from top left): YouTube screenshot/tray7156, YouTube screenshot/JunkFoodTasterDotCom, YouTube screenshot/BarbieMoviesPage, YouTube screenshot/Huntertainment, YouTube screenshot/HamptonRoadsTVFan

‘Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?’

Johnny Football inks humongous Nike deal

Johnny Manziel

Sports marketer estimates that it could be worth $20 million

Nike is severing affiliation to Livestrong

Livestrong Nike Cycling

Iconic athletic brand is saying goodbye to the charity in the wake of doping charges

Tiger's 'Winning takes care of everything' Nike ad criticized


You mean ‘everything’ everything?

Lance Armstrong steps down as chairman of Livestrong, gets dumped by Nike

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong steps down as chairman of his cancer-fighting charity

New Nike Olympics uniforms shave time off sprinters - AP

Fashion Olympics.JPEG

Nike unveils dimpled uniforms that could shave off 0.023 seconds for sprinters

TheDC Sports: Nike takes a cynical cheap shot in the sneaker wars - TheDC

Derrick Rose

After Derrick Rose was felled by a season-ending ACL tear on Saturday night, a Nike employee suggested that Rose’s Adidas shoes were to blame.

Tim Tebow apparel lawsuit settled - Associated Press

Nike Reebok Tebow Football.JPEG

The terms of a settlement with Nike were disclosed Tuesday in papers filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan

Top 5: Best new NFL jerseys [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

New Seahawks jersey

Will the awesome new Seattle Seahawks jerseys give them respect in the NFC West? Probably not

NFL unveils new Nike uniforms - CBS

NFL Uniforms Football.JPEG

Going for a slightly sleeker look, the NFL has unveiled its new uniforms

Nike sues Reebok over controversial Tim Tebow Jets jerseys - Deadspin

Tim Tebow's New York Jets shirts are put up for display in New York

Requesting that Reebok be forced to destroy all Tebow Jets jerseys they’ve produced, pay damages

Nike nicks micks, offers apology - TheDC


Ads for the company’s latest sneaker made an insensitive comparison to a dark period in Ireland’s history

ERIC MCERLAIN: New Nike sneaker causes riot at Orlando mall - TheDC Sports

Orlando Shoe Disturbance.JPEG

Police in Orlando, Florida had to be called in to quell a riot that broke out at a Florida shopping mall where Nike’s Foamposite One Galaxy sneaker had just gone on sale.

US stock futures fall after market's big rally - AP

Wall Street

Stocks fell Tuesday after consumer confidence dropped to the lowest level since April 2009. Retailers and other companies that depend on consumer spending had the steepest losses

Starbucks debuts wordless logo - NYDN

Who needs text? When you’re Starbucks, your siren logo can stand alone

Vick's next comeback: product endorsements? - Philadelphia Inquirer

As highlight clips go, Michael Vick’s performance for Woodbury Nissan can’t match his spree Sunday at the Meadowlands

50 things to ponder about college basketball

A couple of kids figure to add even more juice to the North Carolina-Duke rivalry, a Hurricane hit the Great Wall of China and the Wall hit back, and does anybody know how to get to Iowa City?

Anthony Kim says Las Vegas party was exaggerated -

Earlier this week Kim created a minor media frenzy when reports of a wild night out in Las Vegas coincided with the news that he had withdrawn from Justin Timberlake’s tournament

A champion under siege - NYT

Some fear Lance Armstrong inquiry will taint Livestrong charity

Tim Tebow agrees to terms with Broncos - AP

Two-time national champion from Florida, Tim Tebow signed a five-year contract with the Broncos and is expected to start practice Friday morning