Obama and Bloomberg use December 14 to promote gun control

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Obama emails supporters urging them to “hold events advocating gun control”

Here comes another big gun control push!

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Mark and Jackie Barden leave the stage following the launch of The Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit created in response to the shooting in Newtown in this file photo

‘Remember Newtown’

Morose Obama asks his base for psychological intervention

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‘I’m going to need your help, your energy, your faith, your ability’

@BarackObama hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

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‘Obama doesn’t have any ethical issues with spying on the world, so we took it upon ourselves to return the favor’

Hope and change: Obama's Organizing for Action drags out Columbine for gun control

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Wednesday was a ‘Day of Action’ for background checks, in case you missed it

BEDFORD: How Obama and his PAC lost on gun control

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President Barack Obama shooting a clay target at Camp David. The White House/Getty Images.

And why conservatives can’t take much comfort from the win

Three steps: How the Dems plan to make Texas a battleground state by 2016

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President Barack Obama speaks at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas on Aug. 9, 2010. AP Images/Carolyn Kaster.

Demographic changes with Democratic activism mean it could happen sooner than later

Obama organizing group sends out immigration appeal from illegal immigrant

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Illegal immigrants

‘I am an undocumented immigrant — and I am living proof that our immigration system is broken’

DNC fires Obama campaign staffer for assisting voter fraud attempt - TheDC

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‘What we saw was enough for us to take the action that we did’

Democratic National Committee reportedly behind Wisconsin protests - TheDC

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‘Organizing for America,’ is engaging and actively supporting the union protests in Wisconsin

Obama's Organizing for America silent in tax cut debate - TheDC

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One group has been conspicuously quiet during the debate over whether to extend all or some of the Bush tax cuts: Organizing for America

First Lady says ObamaCare makes her life easier - TheDC

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Michelle Obama makes sales pitch detailing what free services will be offered to Americans under the Democratic health care plan

White House confident it can force BP to set up escrow account - THE DAILY CALLER

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The Obama administration is confident that it has legal authority to force BP to set up an escrow account that would be turned over to an independent third-party organization

President plays race card in campaign pitch [video] - The Daily Caller

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In urging Americans to vote for Democrats in November, President Obama makes a pitch exclusively to ‘young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women’

Un-Civil War

Opinion | Myra Adams

Organizing for America vs. the Tea Party movement

Organizing for intimidation - The Daily Caller

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President Obama’s political arm says it’s ‘powered by hope’ but GOP aides cite rudeness and cursing in push for health care

Obama’s super troopers armed and ready

Opinion | Myra Adams

OFA is rough and ready for the fall smackdown coming to your congressional district

Obama: ‘So why am I still in this fight? Simple. I’m here for Natoma’

| Mike Riggs
The White House sent out a tear-jerker earlier today to Organizing for America members

Organizing for America running out of gas

| Mike Riggs
OFA participants complain about the lack of focus on important issues

Obama tells 'unforgiving' Washington to pass health care - The Daily Caller

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President says he’s ‘tired of talking’ about health reform