GOP defends against Dem attacks on filibuster - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Winkler

Alexander, Republican senators rally behind traditional filibuster rules

Who's who of liberals lead anti-filibuster effort

Opinion | Tina Korbe

Far from being bipartisan, the effort to snuff out the filibuster is led by a coalition of liberal activists.

Senate Democrats shouldn't lower filibuster threshold

Opinion | Elizabeth Letchworth

Currently, 41 senators can block bills. Harry Reid is threatening to change that.

Report: Reid plans to kill the fillibuster - WaPo

Politics | wrahn

Still more good news for filibuster reform: Harry Reid is in active discussions with his caucus about moving forward with reform in the new year

9/11 first responders bill set to pass - TPM

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A bill to help 9/11 first responders cover their mounting health care costs is expected to zip through Congress

New Congress's makeup boosts odds of gridlock - WSJ

Politics | interns

Political opposition in new congress makeup could create even more legislative gridlock

Dems nearly lose vote to adjourn - The Hill

Politics | Pat McMahon

Congress votes 210-209 to recess without extending the Bush tax cuts

Not So Fabulous - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Defense spending bill held back over disputed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and immigration amendments

House may adjourn by end of week - Politico

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Democrats look to return to their districts to campaign, possibly without voting on an extension of the Bush tax cuts

Here Comes The Justice - CNN

Politics | Pat McMahon

President Obama’s nominee becomes the fourth woman to serve on the nation’s highest court

Dems looking for GOP senator to help pass jobs bill - AP

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The $26 billion piece of legislation will face a final vote today

Sen. Nelson opposes Kagan for Supreme Court - Bloomberg

Politics | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Nebraska’s Ben Nelson becomes first Democrat to oppose Kagan for Supreme Court

Senate Republicans block small-business lending measure - Bloomberg

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Republicans objected that Democrats refused to consider their amendments to extend tax breaks and cap federal spending

GOP hands Reid second legislative setback of the week - The Hill

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Senate Republicans blocked progress on small-business legislation, handing Majority Leader Harry Reid his second defeat of the week.

Republicans oppose campaign finance bill, Obama not amused - CNN

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President says campaign finance should be bipartisan issue

Why conservatives should defend the senate filibuster

Feature:Opinion | Bill Wichterman

The Framers feared a nimble government would undermine American liberties – fears amply realized under President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and just about every ruling party of the last 50 years, to greater or lesser extents

Republicans consider Kagan filibuster - Fox News

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Republicans find Kagan’s views ‘troubling’

Collins says there will probably be no GOP filibuster of Kagan - Politico

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Maine Republican Susan Collins said Thursday she does not foresee a Republican filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan

GOP should step up to the plate on SCOTUS

Opinion | Jamil Jaffer

Republicans in the Senate today (with a few notable exceptions) seem once again unwilling to waste any political capital on the nomination