Least Shocking Poll Ever: Hillary Clinton's Popularity Has Plummeted Since Election

Politics | Virginia Kruta
A lot has changed.

Even Millennials Are Tiring Of Social Media

US | Jena Greene
Maybe they're not doomed after all

New Polling On Who Likes The Senate Health Care Bill

Politics | Hollis Poch
Underwhelmingly low

MEDIA BIAS: Despite Warnings, Pollsters Missed The Trump "Undercount"

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
It doesn’t help when most pollsters aren't even pretending to practice real science.

Surprise: The Pollsters Were Right (Sort Of)

Opinion | Keith Naughton
The media is still in a fog on polling.

Pennsylvania GOP Loses Poll Watching Lawsuit

Elections | Kerry Picket
'to ensure the integrity of the vote'

Possibility Grows Of Epic Trump Electoral Victory

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
It's likely that the race is already Donald Trump's to lose.

Republican "Defeatism" About Trump Not Warranted By Current Polling

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Defeatism only plays into Hillary’s eagerly waiting hands.

Donald Trump: 45th President Of The United States

Opinion | Mary Claire Kendall
Ignore the national polls signaling that the race is over.

The Numbers Out Of This Deep Red State Are Stunning

Elections | Eric Owens
'Things do not bode well'

Why The Polls Don't Agree (And Never Will)

| Keith Naughton
The fundamental problem for the pollsters is figuring out just who is going to come out to vote.

Trump's Polling "Surge" Is Turning into a "Wave"

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Two weeks ago, some pundits began talking about a Trump "surge." Suddenly, that surge is looking like a full-fledged "wave."

Election 2016: New Polls Point To A Dramatic Trump Surge

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Clinton's victory has been treated as preordained by the mainstream media, but this narrative is looking more unrealistic every day.

What The Race Looks Like In Traditionally Republican Arizona

Elections | Eric Owens
'The gender gap between the two candidates is nearly nonexistent'

Americans' Views On Welfare Have Changed In 20 Years, Here's How

US | Robert Donachie
81 percent believe ...

Poll: Most Voters Believe Hillary Used Influence At State To Help Clinton Foundation Donors

Elections | Kerry Picket
'So that's a burden I carry'

New Hampshire Polls Are Bad News For Republicans Following RNC

Elections | Phillip Stucky
Approval is low

Poll Reveals Americans Think This Candidate Will Best Keep The US Safe

Politics | Phillip Stucky
41 percent of likely voters believe ...

Poll: Americans Aren't Ready For Driverless Cars

Energy | Chris White
'The poll shows that 43 percent of voters believe self-driving vehicles are unsafe, while about 32 percent of those polled said they are safe'

Could The 'Gender Gap' Carry Republicans To Victory In 2016?

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
If the GOP’s enfant terrible can achieve this kind of breakthrough, imagine what his more mature rivals might achieve.

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