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Feces-Filled San Francisco Will Vote On Spending More On Homelessness Program

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Seattle tried and failed to pass a similar tax ...

Twitter Says It 'Challenged More Than 9.9 Million' Accounts A Week In May

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Platform manipulation'

Twitter, Anti-Abuse Firm Team Up To Clean Up Platform

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Violent threat has nothing to do with bias'

Scooters Are Threatening To Call The Police On People

Business | Eric Lieberman
'For black people, that can really be experienced as a death threat'

Facebook: Sorry, But A Bug Turned 14 Million Posts From Private To Public

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'We'd like to apologize for this mistake'

Conservatives At Google Wrote Letters Like They Were 'From Prison,' Says Lawyer Activist Who Confronted Google Execs At Shareholder Meeting

Business | Eric Lieberman
'The civil rights movement of the past is the exact opposite of what it is today'

Facebook Shareholders Meeting Turns Into A Bloodbath

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Corporate dictatorship'

Silicon Valley Donates Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Democrats' Super PACs

Politics | Kyle Perisic
All three candidates in the lead are Democrats

Silicon Valley: Disturbing by Design

op-ed | Shawn Steel
Last year, Amazon came under fire for deleting nearly 900 one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s book, 'What Happened'

'Silicon Valley' Was Surprisingly Good In Season Five Without T.J. Miller

Entertainment | David Hookstead
It's still a great show

A Hut Sold For Nearly $1 Million In Silicon Valley, Showing How Absurd Real Estate Has Gotten There

US | Eric Lieberman
'You save a lot of money'

Wonder What A Million Dollar House In Silicon Valley Looks Like? You'll Be Shocked

US | David Hookstead
Was it what you were expecting?

HBO Reveals If 'Silicon Valley' Will Return For More Seasons

Entertainment | David Hookstead
Let's go!

Zuckerberg's Hearing Would Be Way Cooler If It Was Erlich Bachman Instead

Entertainment | David Hookstead
It'd be great

Tech Companies Can't Afford Hiring Workers In Silicon Valley Anymore

Business | Tim Pearce
'Eighty percent of startups never make it'

Anti-Trump Actor Arrested For Allegedly Reporting Fake Bomb Threat

Entertainment | David Hookstead
This is not good...

It's Cringeworthy Watching The Star Of 'Silicon Valley' Discuss T.J. Miller

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Silicon Valley Recovering From The ‘Ton of Bricks’ Of Trump’s Election

Politics | David Krayden
“This isn’t Hitler or Mussolini here.’

'Silicon Valley' Feels A Bit Weird Without T.J. Miller

Entertainment | David Hookstead
Did you watch the season opener?

'Silicon Valley' Steps To Success Hype Video Will Have You Pumped For Season Five

Entertainment | David Hookstead
Will you be watching the new season?

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