Cop Captures His Near Death Shooting On Eyeglass Camera

US | Amber Randall
The handcuffs of a suspect (REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn)

‘Tell my family I love them’

Illegal Cellphones Are Being Used To Assassinate Police Officers And Their Families

US | Eric Lieberman
Inmates serving a jail sentence make a phone call at Maricopa County's Tent City jail in Phoenix July 30, 2010. REUTERS/Joshua Lott

‘I instantly knew this was a hit’

Report: Stopping Construction On Newest US Nuclear Plant Will Cause Pollution

Energy | Andrew Follett
Nuclear power plant (Shutterstock/SpaceKris)

‘More evidence that anti-nuclear groups are willing to increase dangerous air pollution’

Major South Carolina Nuclear Project Goes Under

Energy | Andrew Follett
Evening colored sunset view of Nuclear power plant Jaslovske Bohunice - Slovakia (Shutterstock/Daniel Prudek)

Roughly 5,000 people working on it are now unemployed

Mother-Daughter Team Charged With Killing Newborn

US | Grace Carr
Mother changing a diaper to clean poop from her baby. [Shutterstock - Garnet Photo]

It’s child abuse

Check Out This Klu Klux Klan Guy Rocking Hippie Dreadlocks

US | Amber Randall
Members of the Ku Klux Klan yell as they fly Confederate flags during a rally at the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina July 18, 2015. A Ku Klux Klan chapter and an African-American group planned overlapping demonstrations on Saturday outside the South Carolina State House, where state officials removed the Confederate battle flag last week. REUTERS/Chris Keane.

‘Couldn’t believe what we’d just seen’

Synthetic Painkillers Bought On The Dark Web Open 'A New Chapter' In Drug Crisis

US | Steve Birr
A law enforcement staff shows confiscated heroin before burning it in the headquarters of the Drug Control Agency in Dushanbe May 30, 2008. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov

‘You can’t choose whether you live or die’

Republicans Claim Early Victory In South Carolina Special Election

Politics | Phillip Stucky
Voters cast their votes during the U.S. presidential election in Elyria, Ohio, U.S. November 8, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk/File Photo

‘Voters are ready for strong, conservative leadership’

Environmentalists Ask Regulators To Kill Two Nuclear Power Plants

Energy | Andrew Follett
Evening colored sunset view of Nuclear power plant Jaslovske Bohunice - Slovakia (Shutterstock/Daniel Prudek)

They’re worried the reactor will beat out wind and solar

'Officer Down!': 7 People Injured In Shootout Broadcast On Facebook Live

US | Eric Lieberman
Myrtle Beach Shooting LIVE [Screenshot/Facebook/Public - User: Bubba Hinson]

‘Officer is down! Officer is down!’

'Wild Boys' Gang Members 'Sacked Up,' 'B-Nasty,' 'Kevy Boy' Sentenced For Shootings

US | Russ Read
Gang member holds a gun. Source: Chayantorn Tongmorn/Shutterstock

The gang was known for plaguing the streets of South Carolina

Roof Believes White Supremacists Will Take Over America, Pardon Him

Politics | Kevin Daley
FILE PHOTO - South Carolina church massacre shooting suspect Dylann Roof is seen in U.S. District Court of South Carolina evidence photo which was originally taken from Roof's website. Courtesy U.S. District Court of South Carolina/Handout via REUTERS

Expects to be appointed governor of South Carolina

Mother's Day Nightmare: Child Beat Up Over Handmade Card

US | Mary Lou Lang
Handcuffs, Shutterstock, Kaspars Grinvalds
A mother reportedly fumed when she realized the card wasn't for her

Congress Gears Up For Showdown Over Billions In Nuclear Tax Credits

Energy | Andrew Follett
Solar panels and nuclear power plant (Shutterstock/jaroslava V)

‘A drop in the bucket compared’ to wind and solar subsidies

No More For MOX

| Pete Sepp and Danielle Brian
mox box

It’s a raw deal for American taxpayers.

Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty To State Murder Charges

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Poster boy for the death penalty

Two Convicted Murderers Continue Killing Spree Behind Bars

US | Eric Lieberman
Desperate hands reaching up in a prison cell. [Shutterstock - Bohbeh]

‘staffing shortage’