Man Who Oversaw 2008 Bailouts Advocates Breaking Up The Banks

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Protesters work on a prop in Freedom Plaza as they prepare for a rally against big banks and home foreclosures in Washington, DC, May 20, 2013. (Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

‘We won’t see the next crisis coming.’

Big Business And Banks Win BIG On Gov't Subsidies

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Database reveals where two-thirds of federal business subsidies go

BAILOUT UPDATE: Citigroup To Spend $100 Billion Fighting Global Warming

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$50 billion from taxpayers later…

Bank Bail Out Frauds Charged With Stealing Even More Taxpayer Money

US | Tristyn Bloom

This TARP’s got a lot of holes

Government Bailout Bank Manager Traded Loans For Drugs

US | Tristyn Bloom
Activists Protest In Front Of Bank In Los Angeles

Bank received $69 million in TARP funds; somehow went bankrupt anyway

Government Sells Ally Financial Stock Bought Through TARP

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Treasury reduces ownership share by 80 percent in eight months

Obama: Economy Recovering, Stupid

Business | Tim Cavanaugh

Floundering president urges Americans to believe cherry-picked statistics, not their own lying eyes

Former WH officials finally break after years of stonewalling on GM bailout - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Ex-auto czar, two former Treasury officials agree to talk with special inspector general about Delphi pensions

Congress was unaware of $7.77 trillion in secret Fed loans ahead of TARP vote - TheDC

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Bernanke -- Federal Reserve

Public cost of bailout much higher than previously thought

Ryan: Obama punted budget, it's 'Debt On Arrival' - TheDC

Politics | Mary Katharine Ham

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan says Obama punted on budget crisis

Toomey bill aims to take debt limit 'scare tactics off the table' - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey introduces a bill to undercut President Obama’s argument that the debt limit must be raised

Amendment proposed to prevent government-owned companies - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Republican Rep. Mike Turner wants to ban the federal government from owning corporations

Total stimulus reaches nearly $3 trillion - CNN

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

According to cost estimates prepared by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, over the last three years stimulus programs have cost nearly a trillion dollars a year

Geithner says financial recovery amounts to 'fraction' of estimated cost - ABC

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Recently, the CBO estimated that the TARP program will cost far less than the original estimate of $350 billion

Wall Street sees record revenue in recovery from bailout - Bloomberg

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In spite of the bailout, Wall Street’s biggest banks will complete their best two years in investment banking and trading

E-mails could implicate others in Waters trial - NYT

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The e-mails show that Waters’ chief of staff was actively engaged in discussing with committee members details of a bank bailout bill

Federal gov. quiet on G.M. upswing - NYT

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In G.M. turnaround story, Washington played a big part

Wall Street bailout returns 8.2% profit beating Treasury bonds - Bloomberg

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The government has earned $25.2 billion on its investment of $309 billion in banks and insurance companies, an 8.2 percent return over two years

Turning America in the right direction

op-ed | George Allen

The Republicans who are elected to Congress this November will have a commitment to common sense conservative principles.

Axelrod: We’re talking about the economy. These foreign-money attacks are totally about the economy.

Politics | Mary Katharine Ham

Getting snippy with host Candy Crowley Sunday on “State of the Union,” David Axelrod bristled at the idea that Democrats are talking about foreign money to distract from the state of the economy and the jobs picture