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New study contradicts White House minimum wage report

President Barack Obama speaks to female members of Congress about his administration's minimum wage efforts in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in Washington

Women will suffer more

Well-paid women at greater risk of domestic abuse

Wall Street Trader

Seven times more likely to experience psychological and physical abuse

Analysis: Men still make a lot more than women in Obama's White House

White House

In Obama White House, less lipstick, more lip service

10 women eating yogurt

Because, why not?

Five more weird, funny facts about women

Woman cleaning (Wikimedia)

Fact: Women’s brains are smaller than men’s

Poll: 59 percent support drafting women for combat

Women in Combat

A poll released this week found that a majority of registered voters support including women in a military draft.

High school commencement speaker tells females: stay at home, don't be CEOs

retro kitchen scene. Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts Getty Images
'We don't need more women CEOs. We need more women as invested mothers'

Women 40 percent more likely to develop mental illness than men - CBS Atlanta

Jodie Evans from Code Pink protests Bank of America. Stan HondaA/AFP/Getty Images.

According to the British, at least

Gals, gunpowder and good times - Women's Outdoor News


“I can carry my firearm without second-guessing myself”

Training to overcome my fear of firearms - Women's Outdoor News


“This is the advice I would go back and tell my past self to help fight the fear while getting trained”

NRA Programs’ growth fueled by increased interest in firearms - NRA


“Nearly four million youth were taught proper firearms use in 2012″

Baby steps with a tenderfoot: a look through the eyes of a beginner into the world of hunting and shooting. - NRA


“Beginners, feel free to share your woes with me”

Foxwell: Tips for women buying their first handgun - Z7 Tactical

Amelia_1 (2)-20130307-160758

“I wish someone had taken the time to help me instead of misleading me”

Congressman can’t answer “Why aren’t you pro-choice for self-defense for women?” - TheDC

moran gun violence

Women ask silly questions

A woman's right to choose self-protection

Guns level the playing field between women and the physically stronger men who might attack them.

Mama packs a 9mm - Natalie Mulhall


Last week, I picked up my first 9mm handgun.

The GOP is going to be fine: A post-mortem on election post-mortems

The Republican Party remains well positioned to win future elections.

President Obama's binder full of tax hikes on women

The Obama-Biden campaign’s tax platform disproportionately burdens women.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz pushes women to vote Obama as Romney surges

Health Care Public Campaign

DNC chief: President Romney would ‘make us or keep us as second class citizens’

Team Obama needs to stop condescending to women

President Obama, his campaign and his administration treat women like simple-minded dolts.