Why Women Decide To Purchase A Firearm, And It’s Not Because Of Pink Guns

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Girl on Fire!

Indonesian Clothing Company Prints Hilarious Sexist Slur On Shirt Tag

Business | Eric Owens
Twitter screenshot/Viola, YouTube screenshot/Pusamania TV

‘We apologize profusely for any miss-interpretations’

Congresswoman Wants Free Birth Control For Female Troops

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

‘[B]eing a woman is not a preexisting condition’

A Christmas Gift Guide For The Ladies

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martha stewart

They’re guaranteed to love these

Shooting And The ‘Ming’ Thing

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Find yourself, define your destiny – this shooter picked up a gun and life changed forever

Study: Lack Of Diversity Fuels Speculative Bubbles

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Does Wall Street need a makeover?

BREAKING: Men Dig Young Chicks

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

Why The Man Of The House Should Be Armed

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‘What I’m saying is the man has the primary responsibility for the family’s safety’

White House Spokesman Flubs When Asked About Equal Pay

Politics | Neil Munro

What can he say when his boss’ paychecks contradict his speeches?

Girls With Guns: As More Women Pack Heat, They Need A Way To Carry

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It’s another excuse to go shopping

Women's Group DEEPLY CONCERNED Because Women Have 2.6 Percent of Construction Jobs

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female construction worker NBC via Getty Images

The federal government must DO SOMETHING

CNN commentator 'disappointed with women' for backing affirmative action ban

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘We’re all trying to squeeze through the same little crack in the opportunity door’

New study contradicts White House minimum wage report

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President Barack Obama speaks to female members of Congress about his administration's minimum wage efforts in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in Washington

Women will suffer more

Well-paid women at greater risk of domestic abuse

US | Scott Greer
Wall Street Trader

Seven times more likely to experience psychological and physical abuse

Analysis: Men still make a lot more than women in Obama's White House

Politics | Caroline May
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In Obama White House, less lipstick, more lip service

10 women eating yogurt

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Because, why not?

Five more weird, funny facts about women

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Woman cleaning (Wikimedia)

Fact: Women’s brains are smaller than men’s

Poll: 59 percent support drafting women for combat

US | Caroline May
Women in Combat

A poll released this week found that a majority of registered voters support including women in a military draft.

High school commencement speaker tells females: stay at home, don't be CEOs

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retro kitchen scene. Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts Getty Images
'We don't need more women CEOs. We need more women as invested mothers'

Women 40 percent more likely to develop mental illness than men - CBS Atlanta

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Jodie Evans from Code Pink protests Bank of America. Stan HondaA/AFP/Getty Images.

According to the British, at least