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Dehydrated vs Freeze-Dried survival food: Which lasts longer?

Wise food containers

What food type should you stockpile matters

Mutual Assistance Groups: Bringing in new members


Survival groups, who to trust is the key to success

10 Winter preparedness tasks for the home


Preppers know how to make it through these storms

Top 10 72 hour kit mistakes

Tactics Preparadness logo

This can be the difference between life and death for you

How to make a Wikiup survival shelter

Wikiup shelter

Basic survival skill with get you through a cold winter night

How to treat a Black Widow spider bite


Bite symptoms peak within 12 hours

5 Pandemics that could wipe out humanity tomorrow


It’s the end of the world as we know it

Preparedness tips for families of divorce - Living Ready

A man stands amidst debris of his destroyed home in Cacahuatepec, on the outskirts of Acapulco

Who got the kids?? Make a plan, and prepare for disaster.

Later, Gator - American Hunter

Later Gator

Hunting a prehistoric predator

A wild-game culinary adventure and some quick game cooking tips - American Hunter


11 tips for wild game cooking

Massad Ayoob: The Sentinel .22 Revolver - Gun Digest


“It may be the best buy in a used handgun available today”

Personal Combat: Moving to Condition Black - Ernest Emerson

Ernest Emerson

Become a pure weapon and fight without fear

Personal Combat: Breaking the OODA Loop - Ernest Emerson

Ernest Emerson is an expert in personal combat.

Teri 1 operators train the mind above all else for good reason

.308 Winchester: A top survival ammunition choice - Living Ready


Most folks make the argument for the .22 rimfire – go bigger

5 Reasons to own survival firearms - Living Ready


When it hits the fan you need to hit back

Choosing a survival pistol and here is my choice -


A survival pistol needs to put as much ammo downrange as possible

The five principles of survival guns and weapons - Gun Digest


It may take more than one gun for a survival situation

Gun Test: The AR-7 survival gun - Gun Digest

Original ArmaLite AR-7 rifles are now quite collectible and will often sell in the $250 to $400 range.

Don’t leave civilization without one

Massad Ayoob: “My trigger finger is my safety” - GUNS Magazine


” Even when violent impacts, G-forces, and adrenaline all hit at once?”

Gun Test: The Rossi Wizard - Gun Digest


From shotgun to rifle to muzzleloader with a barrel change