5 Fundamentals Of Defensive Shooting

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In a defensive shooting situation, these are the basics that will help to save you and your loved ones’ lives.

Horse Takes On Gator [VIDEO]

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Giddy-up gator

You Should Have At Least One Tactical Pen, And This One Is 65 Percent Off

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The only pen you want when your life depends on it (Photo via Amazon)

Prepare to survive

Watch This Monster Buck Leap A Moving Motorcycle

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This 'Rambo-Style' Survival Knife Is Over Half Off

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This knife will help you survive (Photo via Amazon)

Also a fire starter and LED light

NSSF Cites 17 Percent Drop In Unintentional Firearms Fatalities

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Great news! A record number of guns and a declining gun accident rate

This Giant Chicken Is Awesome

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Let the chicken jokes begin…

Watch These Wolves Cruise Down The Highway

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Little Red Riding Hood beware

Gun Test: Stoeger P3000

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A 12 gauge pump for under $300? Yep, a 12 gauge pump for under $300.

McCain Outlines How Trump Can Rebuild The US Military

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John McCain, Donald Trump (Getty Images)

The plan calls for a massive increase in military spending over the next five years

Preparedness: Make A List And Be Sure To Check It Twice

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Mentally prepared? Physically prepared? Legally prepared? If you carry a gun or use one for home defense then be prepared for what might happen if you have to use it for protection.

Trump's Winning Killed This Story

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Our ammo supplies are a reflection of our politics

This Lantern Is Only $15 Right Now But It's A 'Lightning Deal' So This Price Only Lasts Four Hours

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This camping lantern is built to withstand all weather conditions (Photo via Amazon)

Sixty-three percent off a lantern built to withstand all weather

Return To The Big Woods

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This is a time of year for some that bring back the memories of deer camp and the people that made it unforgettable

Active Shooter Response: A Different Look At Run, Hide, Fight

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We have to question the advice of “experts” on how to deal with active shooters

Something Called A 'Weather Radio' Is The #1 Most Popular Radio And Is Also 62 Percent Off, So I Guess I Should Figure Out What It Is

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These folks are using the weather radio to stream music (Photo via Amazon)

A bluetooth emergency radio

This Deal On Stanley Survival Mugs Will Pique The Interest Of Those Who Love Spending Time Outdoors

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This vacuum mug is one of over a dozen Stanley products on sale (Photo via Amazon)

Over half off survival mugs and other containers

At 57 Percent Off, This 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Knife Is A Steal

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This pocket knife is 57 percent off (Photo via Amazon)


This Bear Grylls Parang Is Over Half Off Which Is Great News If You Need A Machete

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Bear Grylls (YouTube Screenshot/Discovery Channel)
A survival essential

Gun Test: The Skinner Bush Pilot Kit With Takedown Chiappa Model 92 .44 Magnum

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Need to survive? It helps to have a nice .44 Magnum rifle handy.