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The 15 year-old predator - American Cop Magazine

I call these “volunteer victims” and they’re classic victims of attacks around ATMs.
They’re oblivious to their surroundings, in condition “white” — totally unprepared for
an attack. Don’t be a volunteer victim, and teach your family about it.

“The predator is not going to telegraph his intentions to his victims”

True Story: Tough range safety officers gone berserk - Gun Digest

Ammunition Frenzy.JPEG

“Yes, I had technically, though unintentionally, just broken a rule.”

Interview with Dan Meadows: Firearms expert, martial arts master - The Shooting Channel

Dan during tactical knives training0001

Fight and train like you are getting paid for it

Gun Test: Ambush Rifles 300 BLACKOUT - American Rifleman


“The knockdown of a .30-caliber bullet without a huge increase in recoil”

Weapons dependency: All fighting is fighting - Ernest Emerson

Ernest Emerson is an expert in personal combat.

“Do you think, even for one second, that I am ever, unarmed?”

Buffalo by boat - American Hunter


“I don’t remember pressing the trigger, but my shoulder rocks under the recoil of the .416″

Ruger’s .22 trail guns - American Handgunner


Two very lightweight semi-autos and two all-steel, not-so-light sixguns

How to celebrate the 4th of July & keep both your hands -

An example of something we DO NOT recommend (photo courtesy of CollegeHumor)

Independence Day is one of the most dangerous times of the year

How to take down a criminal with a single text -

simplisafe text

Read these tips from the cops and learn what to do after the action

The hand-to-hand survivalist - The Shooting Channel

dan meadows hand fighting

Understand this use of force continuum

National Capital Area Community Emergency Response Teams to gather for CERTCon 2013 - TheDC

CERT exercise

CERTCon 2013 is a two day seminar/functional exercise

Gun Test: Mossberg 464 SPX - American Rifleman


This tactical lever-action is a break from the traditional cowboy gun

Tactically Speaking: Know your weapons and know yourself - The Shooting Channel

Dan during tactical knives training0001

“I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of military members, law enforcement officers and civilians”

Spiral horns and curious diversions: African plains-game hunt takes an unexpected turn - American Hunter


“Events and wild animals we can’t control”

Public approval of hunting highest since 1995 - National Shooting Sports Foundation


“The public’s approval of hunting rose five points in the past year”

Book Review: The 14th Reinstated by Bryce Towsley - Jorge Amselle

book cover

The 14th Reinstated is a complex book that is also a primer on survival after social collapse

Even serial killers look good in uniform -


“This master code can be used to arm and disarm the home security system”

MeatEater honored as a finalist for culinary industry’s prestigious James Beard Award - Sportsman Channel


Kill it and grill it

Kathryn Maroun: Stage 3 and me, an update from the front lines in the battle of her life with Lyme - Women's Outdoor News

Kathryn injects herself in a port that has been inserted into her body. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Maroun.

Lyme is underdiagnosed and improperly treated, then it is too late

Survivalists plan gun-centric fortress community in Idaho

Doomsday Preppers

‘There will be no HOA. There will be no recycling police and no local ordinance enforcers from City Hall’