Active Shooter Response: A Different Look At Run, Hide, Fight

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We have to question the advice of “experts” on how to deal with active shooters

Something Called A 'Weather Radio' Is The #1 Most Popular Radio And Is Also 62 Percent Off, So I Guess I Should Figure Out What It Is

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These folks are using the weather radio to stream music (Photo via Amazon)

A bluetooth emergency radio

This Deal On Stanley Survival Mugs Will Pique The Interest Of Those Who Love Spending Time Outdoors

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Over half off survival mugs and other containers

At 57 Percent Off, This 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Knife Is A Steal

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This Bear Grylls Parang Is Over Half Off Which Is Great News If You Need A Machete

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Bear Grylls (YouTube Screenshot/Discovery Channel)
A survival essential

Gun Test: The Skinner Bush Pilot Kit With Takedown Chiappa Model 92 .44 Magnum

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Need to survive? It helps to have a nice .44 Magnum rifle handy.

Defend Yourself And Also Write With This Deal On A #1 Tactical Pen

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This tactical pen has many uses (Photo via Amazon)

Always better to be prepared

If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Deal On Search And Rescue Tools, Do You Even Want To Survive?

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Be prepared

Coleman, The Best Camping Company, Now Makes Knives And This Rambo Knife Is Half Off

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Only $20 for a survival knife and survival kit

Yu-kon Do It: But You Need A Quality Survival Kit

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This guy holds a knife from the Yukon Alpha Survival Kit (YouTube Screenshot/Yukon Outfitters)

Today they are half off

Repeating History: Fiddling While Charlotte Burned

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Demonstrators and rioters surround a fire in downtown Charlotte during riots in the city. [WCCB livestream screengrab]

As we watch our nation burn, where is our President?

Voting Ourselves Into The Dark Ages

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After years of Democrats leading us we fail to be enlightened

I Just Found Out You Can Get A $100 Machete For Under 30 Bucks, So Life Is Good

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Danny Trejo in 'Machete' (YouTube Screenshot/20th Century Fox)

What more can you ask for?

With The World As Scary As It Is, You Should Have Some Tactical Knives

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This one is 65 percent off

Thump. Crash! What's Your Home Intruder Plan?

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(Credit:NBC New York)

It happens fast and a home invasion can be violent – Plus you have local laws that may not help you defend yourself

Training Teachers And Students To Fight Active Shooters

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A school bus sits parked along a street in the Queens borough of New York

What is your local school doing to keep kids safe?

The World Is A Dangerous Place. You Should Own A Survival Knife

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This survival knife is almost half off (Photo via Amazon)

This military tactical knife is half off

FASTER Saves Lives: Who Will Protect Your Children At School?

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FASTER = Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response

4 Firearms Myths That Bad Guys Believe And You Shouldn't

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LAPD North Hills Burglary Investigation 6/13/11 (Credit: Chris Yarzab/Flickr, cropped)

Take this good advice about fighting with a gun especially if you conceal carry

The Lessons Of Nice

Guns and Gear | Harold Hutchison

Islamic terrorism came in a truck