Mark Levin Attacks ‘Kamikaze Journalists’ For Press Conference Behavior

Fox News

Mike Brest Reporter
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Mark Levin attacked the press on “Hannity” Wednesday night for how specific reporters conducted themselves during President Donald Trump’s post-midterm press conference.

At one point during the president’s press conference Wednesday afternoon, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta repeatedly asked Trump questions despite being told not to by the president himself. Their fight escalated and resulted in Acosta getting his press credentials revoked. (RELATED: CNN’s Jim Acosta Breaks Silence On Getting White House Credentials Revoked)

Another tense moment occurred when Trump called a reporter’s question “racist.”


“What we saw today in that press conference was a disgrace to this country. Imagine the world watching what took place there. These kamikaze journalists obviously in a coordinated attack on this president, they are trying to cripple this presidency, they are trying to sabotage this presidency, it is not going to work, but that is what they are doing,” he began.

“They are furious that this blue wave was a blue tinkle last night, because that is all it was. They have been talking about a blue wave, they have been beating down this president, beating down the Republican Party, beating down these candidates, they pull out their racist tool to use,” Levin continued. “You can’t tell the difference between Democrat talking points and the media in this country, because in many respects they are one of the same thing.”

“I am sick and tired of these media types trying to hijack these press conferences. These press conferences are for the American people,” he added. “CNN, you don’t even have an audience, it is not for you, it is not for MSNBC, and it is not for every harebrained, mouse, malcontent, liberal dressed up as a journalist. You know we have standards in this country for doctors, for lawyers, for truck drivers, electricians, what are the standards for journalists?”

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