Trump Jr. Fires Back At NPR, Leahy, Swalwell After NPR Report ‘Bites The Dust’

Daily Caller

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Donald Trump Jr. used Twitter to hit back at NPR and other critics, including Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, after an NPR report falsely accused him of lying in Senate testimony.

The report, published Friday, falsely claimed that Trump Jr.’s Senate testimony about the potential Moscow Trump Tower project was inconsistent with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s plea deal.

The tweet came in response to NPR’s tweeted correction, which stated: “An earlier version of this story and an earlier tweet mischaracterized an answer Donald Trump Jr. gave to Senate investigators in 2017. The story has been updated, and the tweet has been deleted.”

“I guess this is as close as I’ll get to an apology where yet another ‘bombshell’ bites the dust,” Trump Jr. tweeted before offering a “Pro tip” at CNN’s expense. “Pro tip: don’t just rush to publish anything thinking that it’s the got ya you so desperately want it to be. CNN has the market cornered on that… let them own it.”

Trump Jr. also responded to Leahy, Swalwell and others who took shots at the president’s son over the original mistaken report. (RELATED: ‘Believe All Women!’ — Trump Jr., Other Conservatives React To Avenatti Arrest)

Finally, Trump Jr. responded to The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, quoting his tweet of the story he wrote covering NPR’s retraction:

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