One Movie Continues To Absolutely Dominate The Competition At The Box Office

Aquaman (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Warner Bros. Pictures)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Aquaman” shows absolutely no signs of slowing down at the box office, and has put up some very solid early showing numbers.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the following details:

Warner Bros.’ Aquaman swam to $9 million in Thursday evening previews as it began its run at the North American box office for a total preview gross of $13.7 million when factoring in two nights of previous sneaks.

The superhero pic that carries plenty of buzz and has already amassed north of $300 million overseas, much of it from China. The stateside Thursday evening opening is in line with comic book titles including Marvel’s Doctor Strange ($9.4 million), Sony/Marvel’s Venom ($10 million) and DC’s Wonder Woman ($11 million). 

For those who have been following along, these numbers shouldn’t be a surprise at all. The newest superhero film to hit theaters has been absolutely shredding the competition. It’s almost not even fair at this point.

I’m not even sure where the ceiling is at this point. It seems like every time we get a new report from THR, the numbers only seem to go higher and higher. The reviews might not be stellar, but the cash will spend all the same. (RELATED: This Latest Superhero Movie Is Expected To Make A Sickening Amount Of Money)

We knew we were in for great things with “Aquaman” when it nuked the box office over in China to the tune of more than $300 million. Those numbers aren’t jokes at all.


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There is also a 100 percent chance we’re going to get a sequel at this point. I don’t know of any movie in modern film history that has been this successful, and then didn’t get hit with another one.

Hollywood loves cash, and it loves guaranteed hits at the box office. I think it’s safe to now say another “Aquaman” film would be a guaranteed hit.

Check back after Christmas to see how much it takes in over the next week. I’m sure the number will be massive.

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