Here Is The Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of The Daily Caller’s Trump Interview

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Mike Brest Reporter
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The Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti and Vince Coglianese sat down with President Donald Trump for an exclusive interview covering a range of topics on Wednesday. They talked about everything from Robert Mueller’s probe and the raid on Roger Stone’s home to religious bigotry to the NFL.

The two of them sat down a day later to discuss some of the details surrounding the interview that could not be gleaned from the stories they published.

After leaving the White House, the two reporters hailed a cab, got back to the Caller’s D.C. bureau and immediately began going through the stories and divvying up who would write what. Then, amid trying to publish all of this new content, Enjeti appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

According to them, the president has not one, but multiple, red buttons in the Oval Office. While many would suspect they might be the infamous “Red Button,” their role is even better — when Trump uses it, it signals to his staff to bring a Diet Coke.

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