Democrats Cry, ‘Cover Up,’ But Can’t Say Of What

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show, we discuss the Democratic Party’s new talking point about President Donald Trump’s apparent attempt to create a cover up — of what exactly, they aren’t really sure.

2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke has the distinction of the least-watched CNN town hall so far, Michael Avenatti is facing 69 years for allegedly ripping off his porn-star client, and journalists are mocking assaults on conservatives.

Listen to the show:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Trump is engaged in a cover up, then she immediately walked away from the microphones. She didn’t say what it was that Trump was covering up, leaving that to the imaginations of Democrats everywhere. That’s the key point: There is nothing the president is covering up, having complied fully with the Mueller investigation, claiming zero privileges.

Democrats claim a refusal to allow top aides to testify publicly before Congress is obstruction of justice, but Congress is not the justice system. There is no crime of “obstruction of justice of Congress.” And the president has complied with every request from Mueller’s investigators, not obstructing in any way. In other words, Democrats are lying to their supporters in order to keep the debunked “Russia hoax” alive. We have all the audio and make the case.

It wasn’t that long ago that Beto O’Rourke was seen as a savior to Democrats and a “rock star” by the media, now he’s a low single-digit also-ran, the “Howard Dean of 2020.” His CNN town hall Tuesday night was the lowest-rated town hall so far this campaign season, coming in tens of thousands of viewers lower than even unknown Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. We have the numbers.

Michael Avenatti was once seen as the savior of the Democratic Party, a potential presidential candidate, and the man who was going to take down Donald Trump. Now he’s facing more than 400 years in prison, including (hilariously) 69 years for the latest allegations of ripping off his former porn-star client, Stormy Daniels. We have all the details and mock him accordingly.

Conservative politicians are being assaulted by left-wing activists and the media thinks it’s a joke. The latest example is from CBS News, which mocked an assault on British politician Nigel Farage, advocating for Brexit. We have the story and the audio.

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