‘James Bond 25’ Crew Member Injured By ‘Controlled Explosion’

(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“James Bond 25” has hit some more problems, and this time somebody has been hurt.

The official Twitter account for James Bond announced Tuesday that a crew member suffered a minor injury during a “controlled explosion.” (RELATED: The Newest James Bond Girl Has Been Revealed. Her Photos Are Awesome)

Seriously, could this film have any other issues? Daniel Craig had an injury, there was a report he was not liked by people involved in the film and there were whispers the script wasn’t even finished when shooting began.

It sounds like the whole film is an utter disaster.


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The James Bond saga is one of the greatest sagas ever put on film. How the latest film has been engulfed by carnage is simply beyond me.

Making Bond films should be easy. There shouldn’t be set explosions, there shouldn’t be beefs on sets and the thing shouldn’t be surrounded by chaos.

We’re talking about a film franchise with a loyal audience and the concepts for success are simple. Have some smoke show women, give Bond have some cool gadgets, have him kill some people and have a bad guy intent on world domination. This doesn’t need to be difficult.

For the love of everything righteous in the world, let’s hope the errors stop soon and we can just get a damn good film.

This is Daniel Craig’s final run as the legendary spy, and trust me when I say that we all want a great film to end his time as the character.

Right now, I’m worried we’re not going to get that outcome.

You can catch “James Bond 25” in theaters April 8, 2020.