Raptors Star Kawhi Leonard Sues Nike Over Klaw Logo

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard is suing Nike over a logo he claims he created.

According to ESPN late Monday, Leonard is suing because Nike copyrighted his Klaw logo without his knowledge and is trying to stop him from using it on “clothing lines, footwear and in connection with sports camps and charity functions.”

The logo was initially created when he was a part of the Jordan brand. Leonard is currently on an endorsement deal with New Balance and “wants to regain control of the logo.”


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I’m all down for getting his logo back if it’s truly his, but why is he getting embroiled in this at the current moment? (RELATED: Golden State Warriors Beat The Toronto Raptors In Game 2 Of The NBA Finals)

He’s in the middle of the NBA finals and is tied 1-1 with the Golden State Warriors. Getting a logo for apparel might be important, but he only has a few games in front of him to win a ring. You’d think that’s what he’d be focused on.


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Leonard seems like a serious dude, and I hope he can multitask because the finals are already heavy on his mind I’m sure.

Could this lawsuit not have waited a couple weeks? Why did it have to happen right now? The timing is just a bit strange.

Go win a ring and then worry about suing people who might have copyrighted your logo without your knowledge.


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Ultimately, the courts will determine what’s going on with the logo, and the Raptors star shouldn’t be focused on anything other than winning.

Your mind can’t be in two places when a title is on the line. It just can’t be. You can watch game three Wednesday night on ABC.

It should be a great matchup between the Warriors and Raptors, despite the fact Leonard is now focused on some other big issues.

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