Kevin Costner Says ‘F**k’ During Live ‘Dan Patrick Show’ Broadcast

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Kevin Costner dropped an F-bomb during a Monday appearance on the “Dan Patrick Show.”

Legendary “Yellowstone” actor was asked by Paul Pabst on the radio show if he thought “Field of Dreams” could have been a bit silly when he took the role during the “peak” of his career. That didn’t sit well with him.

Costner responded with, “You think I peaked? What are you talking about? What the f**k are you talking about?” (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Trailer Gets Released, Promises Lots Of Intense Action)

He immediately realized his error and started laughing. For those wondering, the fines for swearing on channels and stations regulated by the FCC can be around $50,000 and higher in some cases.

You can watch the funny exchange below.

I don’t know if the FCC will actually fine the “Dan Patrick Show” here or not, but they really shouldn’t. That was about as authentic as it gets.

Pabst hit Costner with a question he clearly didn’t like, and the “Field of Dreams” star responded before he even appeared to know what he was doing.

It’d be lame as all hell for them to get fined. It be one thing if it was planned as a joke or something, but that was about as authentic as it gets.

You have to love Costner’s reaction. Most actors would try to be diplomatic. Costner didn’t get to the top of Hollywood by being diplomatic. He’s as blunt as they come and he wanted to know what the “f**k” Pabst was thinking with that kind of question.

Besides, “Field of Dreams” was an awesome movie. Costner should be proud as hell of that role.

Don’t be lame, FCC. Let’s all agree to let this one from Costner and the “Dan Patrick Show” slide.

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