ESPN Publishes Incredible Gardner Minshew Profile, Dan Hicken Says He’s The Guy People Want To Drink Beer With

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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ESPN published an incredible profile of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew on Wednesday, and it’s a must-read for football fans.

The profile is full of awesome information, and I’d encourage you all to read the whole thing. It’s a fascinating look inside the rise of the Jaguars quarterback. There were two parts that really stuck out to me. The first comes from a local sports pundit and involves beer. (RELATED: Gardner Minshew Dominates Against The Broncos As Minshew Mania Grows)

“He’s even got the look. Look at him: He’s basically the guy that like 95% of Jacksonville wants to go drink a beer with,” Jacksonville sports pundit Dan Hicken told ESPN.

He also told the network that the fandom for Minshew is similar to that of Tim Tebow during his days with the Gators.


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His former coach at Washington State also had high praise for him as Mike Leach told ESPN that the young gunslinger has “genius tendencies.”

Leach also added, “In varying degrees, everyone in this business and in this world has some phoniness to him, and Gardner’s got far less than most. All the attention in the world is not more important to him than playing well, and I get the feeling that it has always been that way.”


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I love the fact the legend of Gardner Minshew seemingly grows more and more with every single hour that passes. It’s incredible.

The dude has a mustache, he once tried to break his hand for more eligibility, he’s a damn good passer and he’s as authentic as they come.

You couldn’t make up his personality if you stuffed a bunch of Hollywood writers in a room and tried. It’s almost beyond words.

All he does is crush life and toss touchdown passes.


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Hopefully, he doesn’t lose his job when Nick Foles returns. It’s way too damn fun watching Minshew  tear up the league day in and day out.