REVIEW: ‘SEAL Team’ Is Excellent In ‘Ignore And Override’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

“SEAL Team” was excellent in episode two of season three.


We got off to a hot start with the season three premiere, and “Ignore and Override” didn’t let us down at all. In fact, it only took the audience further in a great direction.

Once again, the episode revolves heavily around Jason and his mental struggles after nearly dying in last week’s episode. (REVIEW: ‘SEAL Team‘ Season 3 Starts Strong With Premiere Episode ‘Welcome to the Refuge’)

There’s a scene where he goes through his phone, remembers his dead teammates and then has a nightmare as if one of them was calling to tell him to get out while he still can.

The head of Bravo also had a talk with Ray about the issues dogging him, and it’s clear that this season plans to focus heavily on Jason’s problems between his ears as he balances his life and being a warrior.

We also got some outstanding action sequences. Bravo took down one of the masterminds by hitting his private jet with an assault team split up on two helicopters.

Eventually, Mandy breaks him under the threat of framing him for working with the U.S., which leads to the main event.

Bravo shows up and shows out to take out the terrorist pulling the strings. After making quick work of his security, they find him with a gun on the table.

After a few brief exchanges of words, he reaches for the gun and Jason puts a bullet in his head.


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Then, in perhaps the biggest moment of the whole episode, Jason signs on for two more years with Bravo. His days of kicking doors are far from over.

Overall, “Ignore and Override” was an outstanding episode. I’m loving the action scenes, but I’m fascinated much more by Jason’s storyline right now.

He knows his journey is coming to an end and his days as an operator are limited. The question is whether or not he’ll make it to the end alive. Given his close calls and all the friends he lost, he really seems to be struggling with the potential ominous ending he could meet.

Finally, there was a great minor storyline about Sonny making bets with the guys about whether or not Texas will cover. The only problem was that he forgot what day it was due to exhaustion, lost and had to take six shots of Serbian booze. It was a nice way to break up the seriousness.

All in all, season three has been great through two episodes. Tune in Wednesday on CBS for an all new episode of “SEAL Team.”