Morning Commuters, Climate Activists Brawl In London As Protestors Hop On Train Roofs

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Jake Dima Contributor
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London residents had zero tolerance for a group of protestors obstructing their morning commute Thursday, as they formed a mob, resulting in the removal the gaggle from the top of a train.

Protestors from a climate change reform group known as Extinction Rebellion took it upon themselves to stand on top of a railcar with a sign reading: BUSINESS AS USUAL = DEATH, referring to a perceived global warming emergency, according to the Associated Press. But some commuters had no interest in their method of protest, as a mob hurled insults as well as objects, eventually resulting in the physical removal of the protestors.


Extinction Rebellion reportedly held similar protests throughout London in the days prior. But, the group was not without its fair share of resistance, as over 1,400 people have been arrested thus far in London during the past week alone, engaging in similar obstructive techniques, an AP report details.

A statement from the organization attempted to justify the demonstration by saying, “we’re doing this in the morning when it will impact business as usual, and not in the evening, when people want to get home to be with their loved ones.”

Extinction Rebellion’s rhetoric is similar to that of U.S. Democratic politicians such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — who in January — claimed the the “world will end in 12 years” as a direct result of climate change. (RELATED: University Bans Beef To Battle Climate Emergency)