Washington Nationals’ Kurt Suzuki Becomes Twitter Target After Donning A MAGA Hat

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki drew the ire of many on Twitter when, during a celebratory trip to the White House, he put on a MAGA hat.

Suzuki and the rest of the team, minus a few players who opted out, joined President Donald Trump for a ceremony recognizing their first-in-franchise historic World Series victory. As he addressed the crowd, Suzuki whipped out the familiar red cap and put it on, earning himself a hug from the Commander-in-Chief.

“I love you all. I love you all. Thank you,” Suzuki said as the crowd cheered. (RELATED: Washington Nationals Win World Series)

But the response on Twitter was a little bit less friendly.

Critics also attacked first baseman Ryan Zimmerman, who thanked the president for keeping America safe and handed Trump a custom-made jersey.