Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Was Drunk During Fatal Car Crash

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Troubadour TX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUkuQntAxrU)

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Police claimed country music singer Kylie Rae Harris was drunk during the three-car crash that left her and a 16 year old dead.

Harris’ autopsy report showed the singer had a blood-alcohol content of .28 at the time of her death, more than three times the legal limit, according to a report published by Page Six.

“The now completed investigation supports what we suspected at the time of our initial investigation,” Taos Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said.

The crash occurred in New Mexico on Sept. 2. Harris was reportedly driving 102 mph when she clipped the car in front of her. Her car then moved across the highway into oncoming traffic where she hit an SVU head-on going 95 mph, according Hogrefe. (RELATED: Authorities Say Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Was Driving 102 MPH At Time Of Fatal Collision)

Maria Elena Cruz, 16, was driving the vehicle Harris hit head-on. She did not have alcohol in her system at the time of the crash. Cruz was reportedly only driving 51 mph when she was hit.

The driver of the third vehicle was not injured at the time of the crash.

Harris, 30, had previously been convicted of DWI in 2017. The singer had been required to install a breathalyzer in her vehicle.