Trump Retweets Photoshopped Photo Of Nancy Pelosi Wearing A Hijab In Front Of Iranian Flag With Chuck Schumer

(Photo by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images)

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Donald Trump kicked off the week Monday by retweeting a fake photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a hijab standing in front of the Iranian flag.

“The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue. #NancyPelosiFakeNews,” the tweet from an unverified account reads.

Trump retweeted the photo Monday.

The House voted Friday to limit Trump’s power to attack Iran without first receiving congressional approval. The bill was largely supported by Democrats, but also earned three Republican votes.

Trump ordered the killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani earlier this month. Democratic leaders in Congress were not told about the strike in advance. (RELATED: Pelosi: Trump Cannot Strike Iran Without Congressional Approval)

The president recently accused Pelosi of defending Soleimani, saying from the White House, “When I see Nancy Pelosi trying to defend this monster from Iran who’s killed so many people … I think that’s a very bad thing for this country.”

“It’s a losing argument, politically, too,” he continued.

Trump also criticized Democrats during a rally in early January.

“Do you believe that one? Nancy. Nancy. Nervous Nancy. But here’s a guy who slaughtered and butchered civilians all over and military, whoever was in his way,” he said. “They’re all trying to say ‘how dare you take him out that way? You should get permission from Congress. You should come in and tell us what you want to do.'”