Ariana Grande Accused Of Stealing Lyrics To Popular Hit Song ‘7 Rings’

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Ariana Grande https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffxKSjUwKdU)

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Musician Ariana Grande has been sued over song lyrics to her 2019 hit single “7 Rings.”

Hip Hop singer Josh Stone, known professionally as DOT, accused Grande of stealing the chorus from his 2017 song “You Need It, I got it” for her single “7 Rings” in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court, according to a report published Friday by Page Six.

Grande’s chorus goes, “I want it, I got it. I want It, I got it,” while DOT’s chorus lyrics read, “You need it, I got it”: “You need it, I got it. You want it, I got it.”

The lawsuit filed by Stone claimed forensic musicologists decided the songs were “identical or substantially similar.” (RELATED: Ariana Grande Drops Live Album ‘k bye for now’ After End Of Her ‘Sweetener’ Tour)

Stone also alleged Grande’s songwriter Thomas Lee Brown, who has helped Grande write music for five of her albums, was present at a meeting in 2017 where Stone’s song “You Need It, I Got It” was played.

Stone is suing Grande over copyright infringement and is requesting unspecified damages.

The lawsuit was filed a day before Eminem released new music in which he angered Grande’s fans by seemingly making light of the Manchester bombing that occurred during one of the “Thank U, Next” singer’s concerts.