Sen. Rick Scott Brings Unifying Guest To State Of The Union

Getty Images/ MANDEL NGAN/Daily Caller

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President Donald Trump’s third annual State of the Union address did not go without controversy.

There were moments of high tension from President Donald Trump apparently snubbing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to when some Democrats booed Trump after he called on Congress to pass legislation lowering drug pricing. Democrats in the House Chamber chanted “HR3,” which refers to a bill put forward by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, which passed in the House last year. (RELATED: Nothing But Contempt During President Trump’s State Of The Union)

Certain guests like Hong Kong activist Nathan Law, however, could be considered a nonpartisan choice. Law has been a symbol of peaceful protests in Hong Kong and was arrested in 2017 for sit-ins he conducted in 2014.

Appearing as Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott‘s guest of honor for the State of the Union, Law stopped to give the Daily Caller an exclusive interview.

Tune in to see what he has to say about Hong Kong’s democracy and the Coronavirus that is plaguing China.

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