What Has Fox News’s Brit Hume Been Searching On The Internet?

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Fox News commentator Brit Hume tweeted out multiple screenshots that accidentally showed his recent searches, one of which appeared to be for “sexy vixen vinyl.”

Hume first sent out a tweet Sunday evening about the election betting odds and included a screenshot showing that there could be “a [Joe] Biden bounce from [his] South Carolina win.” The image also showed numerous tabs that Hume had up – one of which showed a tab titled “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

This tweet went largely unnoticed, but many began to point out that same particular search tab Tuesday morning after he once again tweeted out a picture of the betting odds with the search history included. Tuesday’s tweet has since been deleted, but the March 1 tweet remains live as of the time of this article’s publication.

The mishap caused “Brit Hume” and “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” to trend on Twitter. (RELATED: Brit Hume Tangles With Ben Rhodes, Kasie Hunt Over Kamala Harris And The Sequined Jacket)

Hume, who has been married to founding Washington Bureau Chief for Fox News Channel Kim Hume since 1993, has continued to screenshot updates on the election betting odds. The newer tweets do not include any images of the tabs showing his other searches.

“I did not have *Brit Hume Sexy Vixen Vinyl* on my bingo card. Also, good morning,” The Daily Beast’s editor-at-large Goldie Taylor tweeted. Others, like senior editor at The Daily Beast Andrew Kirell, wrote that this was one of a few moments where “it feels like time briefly stops and we’re allowed to feel alive again.”

“Great now it’s impossible to search for Sexy Vixen Vinyl without pictures of Bret Hume coming up,” cartoonist Brian Brown tweeted.

Googling “sexy vixen vinyl” leads to various websites where black vinyl lingerie is available for purchase.