Nickelodeon Set To Air NFL Playoff Games As Postseason Expands

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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Nickelodeon and NBC’s streaming platform “Peacock” have grabbed the rights to air the two extra NFL playoff games.

The games will also air on NBC and CBS, according to a report published Tuesday by The Hollywood Reporter. The decision comes after the NFL approved the expansion of the postseason to include two extra teams and two extra wild card games.

The playoffs will now take place with 14 teams. The regular season will include one extra game, while the preseason will have one less game.

The new schedule will take effect for the 2020 season with the extra wild card games airing Jan. 10, 2021. The second-seeded teams in each conference will not have a first-round bye under the new schedule — only the first seeds.

The game aired on Nickelodeon will be tailored towards a younger audience. (RELATED: NFL Changing Playoff Format In New CBA To Include 7 Teams From Each Conference, Only 1-Seeds Get First Round Byes)

I think it’s cool that they’re including Nickelodeon in the streaming rights. It’s just another way to build a bigger audience for the NFL. I’m interested to see just how many people watch the game aired on Nickelodeon, though.

There’s a chance this only happens in 2020, especially if the playoff ratings aren’t high enough. It wouldn’t make sense to keep airing it on a network that isn’t bringing in or expanding the audience.