Vincent Cassel Says Serac Has ‘Beautiful And Positive’ Intentions In ‘Westworld’ Season 3

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Is Serac truly a villain in “Westworld” season three?

It seemed like the answer to this question was going to obviously be yes based off the early episodes, but it might not be that simple. With Dolores back to raising all kinds of hell, Serac might not be all bad after all. Vince Cassel, the man who plays the mysterious tech mogul, opened up about what fans can expect. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld‘ Shocks In Episode 4 ‘The Mother Of Exiles’ With The Return Of The Man In Black)


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Cassel told TVInsider.com the following when asked if he would call his character a bad guy:

It’s kind of complicated because the truth is that it’s really a question of perspective. History has told us that many people have killed for a good reason and right cause. Knowing that, who’s good, who’s bad? I can tell you that his intentions are beautiful and positive. It sounds like a game.

I have no idea what Serac’s endgame is other than he appears to want to kill Dolores at all costs. We know he’s not entirely against the hosts.

After all, in episode four, he offered Maeve the chance to live forever with her daughter, which is all she’s ever wanted.

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We also know he’s certainly not a saint. He was working Charlotte Hale as a mole prior to her death, and he shot a man at point blank range in episode four for being a traitor to his kind.


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Again, I don’t have any inside information on what the deal with Serac is, but we know things are rarely black and white in “Westworld.”

Most characters operate in the gray, and it seems like that’s where Serac will firmly find himself as he tries to stop Dolores.

Sometimes, people with good intentions must do bad things to protect the world.

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Tune in Sunday night on HBO for episode five. You know it’s going to be electric!