Paul Finebaum Says College Football In 2020 Will Be ‘Survival Of The Fittest,’ Adds Small Schools ‘Don’t Have Money’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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College football pundit Paul Finebaum recently painted a dark picture for the future of the sport in 2020.

Right now, many are debating what will happen with America’s favorite sport in the fall as we continue to wage war against coronavirus. Well, the face of SEC football isn’t optimistic about what will happen with smaller programs. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Finebaum said the following during a Tuesday appearance on ESPN, according to Saturday Tradition:

I’m always reluctant to quote [Charles] Darwin on sports programs but I think this is going to be the survival of the fittest. The best programs, the biggest — the Alabamas, the Clemsons, the Notre Dames, the Ohio States — are going to be able to deal with this much better than the second- and third-tier [programs]. Because those smaller schools don’t have money. This is going to be very expensive.

As much as I wish I could sit here and tell you everything will be okay, I simply can’t do that. I can’t tell you that with a straight face because it’s just not true.

A lot of teams are going to be in big trouble. That’s just the reality we’re living in. The strong will survive and the weak might get crushed.

Teams like Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, Wisconsin, LSU and Georgia have the resources to survive a really bad financial year.


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Will they like it? No, but they can survive. Can schools in the MAC and Conference USA survive a really bad financial year?

Maybe, but they’re certainly going to feel the pain much more.


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It’s going to get ugly for some schools if fans are banned. Only major schools feast on TV money. The Central Michigans of the world don’t.

Prepare to make some sacrifices, because there are tough times ahead. I can promise you that much.