Pirates-Twins Game Sees Temporary Delay Over A Drone

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Michael Schwab https://twitter.com/michaelschwab13/status/1290743702017761283)

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The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Minnesota Twins were supposed to be playing baseball Tuesday afternoon, but the presence of a drone changed up the plans.

The Pirates confirmed the delay on the team’s Twitter account.

“We are in a…drone delay,” the Pirates tweeted. “We don’t know. AL baseball is weird.” (RELATED: Harvard-Yale Football Game Delayed Because Of Climate Change Protests)

It is unclear where the drone came from. The game was only delayed for five minutes, according to a report published by CBS Pittsburgh. Players were sent to the dugouts after an umpire spotted the drone.

“Welp, this is a first,” Schwab tweeted. “Pirates vs Twins game delayed because of a drone on the field.”

2020 just keeps getting weirder. I’d really just like to know where the drone came from and was it really worth it to interrupt the game? If it would have just stayed up higher they probably could have gotten some pretty cool pictures.

Lots of things have delayed games before. Everyone remembers the black cat that interrupted the football game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 5 of 2019. I’ll admit, that interruption was a lot cuter to watch than the drone flying over the field.