Bear Casually Hangs Out During A Picnic In Wild Video

Bear Picnic Video (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1293196650249248768)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A bear wasn’t afraid at all during a recent picnic in a video making the rounds online.

In a video tweeted by Barstool Sports, a black bear was literally just chilling at the picnic table as people took photos and offered it food. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

Does that sound absolutely insane? Just wait until you see the video. Give it a watch below. (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything)

I hate to sound mean here, but this is the kind of video that is always one second away from winning a Darwin award. (SLIDESHOW: 71 Times Samantha Hoopes Stripped Down)

I’ll never understand why people think wild animals, especially bears, are cute and cuddly. They’re not. They’re wild animals who will tear humans apart if they want to. (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Might Be The Hottest Model On The Internet)

Yet, these people were apparently unaware of that fact because they were treating it like the coolest moment ever. (SLIDESHOW: 60 Times Abigail Ratchford Wore Almost Nothing)

Luckily for them, the bear didn’t do any damage. He just hung out and let pictures get taken. However, that doesn’t mean heaving like they did isn’t still insanely stupid.

At any given moment, that bear could have flipped a switch. How many Instagram likes would it have been worth then?

Be smart, folks. Be much smarter.