Dua Lipa Asks Gwen Stefani About ‘Husband’ Blake Shelton And Her Reaction Is Priceless

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Gwen Stefani’s reaction was truly great after Dua Lipa asked about what the singer had been doing in quarantine with “husband” Blake Shelton.

“So I heard that you’ve been spending quarantine with your husband Blake Shelton at the ranch in Oklahoma,” the 24-year-old singer said to Stefani while she was filling in as the host on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show. The comments were noted by People magazine in a piece published Tuesday.

“Who else was with you?” the host added. “How was that?” (RELATED: Blake Shelton Tweets About ‘Karma’ Following Reports His Ex Is Dating A Married Guy)


“Um, well … he’s not my husband,” the 50-year-old pop singer replied while smiling ear to ear. “But that sounded cool when you said it.” (RELATED: Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are One Step Closer To Getting Married)

The host then realized what she has said and replied, “Oh” and started laughing along with the “Rich Girl” hitmaker.

“We were actually on his tour right when we got shut down,” Stefani then explained, while noting how she and her family ended up going to Shelton‘s ranch when everything closed down because of the coronavirus.

“My brother was out with us,” she added. “So his whole family came out. So it was me, my three boys, Blake, and then my brother, his wife, their two little babies, kids, and then her sister and then a friend.”

“I think it was like 15 people,” she added. “It was really actually a lot of fun at first. Because it’s like, all of the sudden, work is over and you just get to indulge and just being on this ranch … every day was like a new thing.”

As previously reported, the couple first met as judges on the popular reality competition show “The Voice” back in 2014, following divorces from their spouses.