Sharon Osbourne Reveals More Details About How She Wanted To End Her Life

(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

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TV personality Sharon Osbourne recently opened up about how badly she wanted to end her life.

Osbourne detailed her last attempt at suicide back in 2015 in an interview published Wednesday by the New York Post.

“I took a whole bunch of pills. I did. I have to admit, the first two were a cry for help. But not the last one,” she admitted to the outlet. “People think because you work on TV or film or whatever it is, and you’re a known personality, ‘Well, they don’t have problems.’ We have the same problems as everyone else. There are only a handful of problems, and they go around and around and around.” (RELATED: Ozzy Osbourne Hopes Trump Has ‘A Trick Up His Sleeve,’ But Worries There’s ‘Not Much Hope Left’ During Pandemic)

“It’s something people don’t understand, the voices in your head … the repetitive thoughts in your mind,” Osbourne told the NYPost. “You try to sleep at night, but you can’t, because there’s that voice over and over again — and you’ll do anything to make it stop. But it won’t.”

Osbourne revealed she was sad after her last attempt at suicide didn’t work.

“I didn’t want to be here,” she told the outlet. “But I learned so much about coping mechanisms while I was in treatment. I talk to my therapist as often as I can, and I’m in a really good place now.”