Someone Decked Out A Parking Garage For An Absolute Rager, Then Police Found Out


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Police stopped preparations for a secret party in a parking garage on Wednesday, which would have violated COVID-19 restrictions, according to The Montreal Gazette.

Police spokesperson Julien Lévesque said officers received a 911 call and deployed to the garage near Queen Mary Road in Montreal, the outlet reported.

“On the scene, several elements lead officers to believe a festive event was in preparation and possibly a large number of people were attending this event. This type of gathering is completely prohibited by current health and safety measures,” said Lévesque, according to the Gazette.

Photos from the site show stacks of chairs and tables, potted plants, cases of water, plastic utensils, tables of prepared food and rolls of carpeting apparently to be used to cover the concrete floor, The Journal of Montreal reported. (RELATED: No Definitive Evidence Shows Trump Rallies Are ‘Superspreaders’ Of Covid-19, Health Data Shows)

MONTREAL CANADA MAY 18: Car of the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) (French for Montreal Police Service) is the police force for the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada on may 19 2013.

Police and fire department inspectors interviewed several individuals at the scene, where they believed “an event was being prepared and that a large number of people were expected,” Lévesque said to the Gazette.

Montreal, a designated red zone under public health restrictions, forbids public gatherings, according to the Quebec government’s website.

Officers sent an infraction report detailing findings to the office of prosecutions, which will determine whether charges will be held, per the outlet.